Monday, February 20, 2006
The plan
for this week is simple:

3 meals, 2 snacks per day, all of them should add to 22 points. No more than that!

The hardest meal of the day is already eaten. You have no idea how hard for me it is to eat breakfast. It has to be something small, not too savory, never sweet. I just had an apple and 4 walnut halves.

And I have prepared lunch to take with me. Tuna in water, a cucumber, a tomato, a slice of wholegrain bread. And I've also prepared a bag with fruit to snack on.

Tonight I will make a vegie stir fry and eat it with bulgur instead of rice. I need the extra fibre and I prefer bulgur to rice anyway.

Angelos wants to eat cleaner. He has upped the weights in the gym and wants to support his body with better food. This will be very helpful for me.

Anyway, I have the suspicion that today won't be that awful at work, since the boss will be away, and since I did a lot of work duing the weekend. If this proves to be the case, I will be able to be at home at a descent time, around 8. The one good thing we did over the weekend was a big super market shop, and a good fridge clean up. We got rid of all rich foods (by eating them or feeding them to others of course ;) and now we have a fridge stoked with colourful fresh yumminess:

All colours of peppers, zuccinis, mushrooms, brocolli, cauliflower, salad greens, shallots, leeks, herbs, and more herbs! our freezer is stocked with lean beef and a bit of fish. And the cupboard holds a very rich selection of legumes.

Let the goodness begin!!!!

Posted by Argy at 8:50 am
Blogger M said...

Yaaaaay. Let the goodness begin!! Sounds fabulous Argy. And sounds like my fridge at the moment too. Lets keep it up together :D

9:27 am

Anonymous dg said...

yumyum yum! good on ya argy! i am sure it will all go swimmingly.

(and you have me hooked on bulgur now. so yummy!)

12:14 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

ohhh how i long for that goodness again too... a detox in order perhaps? lots of clean eating does a body good. i miss the superiority complex that comes with eating only good things. luvies xoxo

1:35 pm

Blogger kathrynoh said...

You are making me hungry! Sounds like a grat plan, although I'd die if i ate that little for breakfast. I never used to eat breakfast at all and now it's my favourite meal.

1:37 pm

Blogger Beckie said...

I agree with Kathryn. My most luxurious meal now is my fresh, exotic muesli with a rich fat free soy milk, chilled ever so slightly. Hated it when I first tried it, but some nights I could have this for dinner I swear.

A clean out must have made you feel good. I love cleanouts. Of anykind. They are nifty for the soul.


6:26 am

Blogger Mary said...

Great plan and simple works well. Good going with breakfast too. You will get used to it :-) I keep seeing Cat and you mention Bulgur and I don't know what it is. Will go google it after this comment. I love a fridge full of goodness, yum!

8:21 am

Blogger Julia said...

Are you sure you're only supposed to be having 22 pts? That sounds like too little to me, with your weight at 86kg you should be more like up to 26 or 28 pts. It's usually counterproductive to eat too little.

11:40 am


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