Wednesday, January 04, 2006
I know you expected it, but I certainly did not. Shows a lot about perception really. I did believe that I have well worked muscles in my legs. I mean I do a brisk 5k almost every day. I go from the 2nd floor where my office is to the 6th floor, where my bosse's office is at least 5 times a day and down wearing high heels.

Let me tell you all I throught were bullshit!

My ass hurts, my lower abs hurt, my thighs HURT, my calves not so much.

I been up again insanely early. Dunno what's wrong with me. I do not really complain, but it makes me want to nap in the afternoon. The cleaning lady is here, and I have started the cooking already. Baby spinach with herbs and bulgur will be the dinner for tonight.

The cleaning lady is here and I am determined to clean and tidy the study. She will make me I know. I have about 5 big bags with papers and stuff I need to sort out and put away. Numerous folders too. All the stuff I got from my old company. I need to file them and stop looking at bags in my study.

When you have persuaded yourself that what you do is sort of ok, it is really difficult to change it. I have been living with one HUGE meal for dinner a day for too long. Breakfast would be an orange/tangerine fresh juice, and then it would be coffees and smokes till I got home, with an occasional apple here and there, and then I would eat an enormous, allas healthy, dinner.

It was hard yesterday to have 3 meals. This made me feel hungy all the time.

I have to admit that I am already feeling kinda scared for tomorrow's second work out!

But I will get my arse there and do it!

more later, as the cleaning lady is bossing me around to get up and do the work!!!!

Posted by Argy at 9:39 am
Blogger Kate said...

Well done on all your positive steps and work out!! When I first read this post I thought you were meaning you were sore and aching from your date with your husband, LOL!!

1:03 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

and thats why we have men m'dear. get some soothing lavender oils and have him show you his talents on the massage table :)

1:37 pm

Blogger l15a said...

Hi - thanks for your msg. After reading of your aches and pains yesterday, I hesitently did my first Cto5K session today ... pretty successfully too which has been a great boost to confidence/motivation. Yes - it would be great if we could nag each other!! Goodluck with your next session ... I'll probably do my next one on Saturday.

11:43 am


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