Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Do I have to quit smoking for this?!
Right. I am back.

I actually went there and did it! I think I have been contemplating this first time for the last 8 months. I did it I tell you!!!! And I still wonder how lucky I am to not have died out there, cos honesstly, I thought I would at some point!

All I will always remember from my first workout is how my lungs burnt. I mean, I have the extra you know. Not only I am fat and unfit, I am a smoker too.

But...I really did it!!!! Did I tell you already?

I got the pedometer with me and the distance I covered was 2.66 K. In 22 minutes. And I been so good, that I did the basic stretches it gives in the Cto5K site too! And I been silly really thinking I do not need a sports bra since my boobs are not that big. Ha! My girls were bouncing and I am in an age where too much bouncing is no good ;)

Now of course, I want to go to bed. I feel so tired! But I will go to the market instead. However, for you kind running souls, I have a few questions...

Should I eat breakfast before or after the workout?
Can I drink water during?
Do I have to do it just 3 times a week or this is the minimum?

I feel like doing it every day during this week I have off work, to get in the habbit of it..

Right....bit of surfing now, then to the fresh produce!

Yes...with the camera too!!!

Posted by Argy at 11:25 am
Blogger lms said...

Well done Argy!! That's a great time too.

Im not a runner, but I would do what feels best to you, re: brekky, drinking water and how many times you run.

I dont like to eat too much before I get on the treadmill, I'd skip brekky, maybe just have a piece of fruit. I dont drink much water when I jog because it gives me a stitch (in the belly), but I do drink some. I'd run every 2nd day so you dont get bored with it and dont get too sore.

Feel free to ignore my answers, Im sure a "real" runner will be able to answer them for you.

Again, Im very impressed by your effort, well done!!

12:34 pm

Blogger Shauna said...

argy! if you are following couch 2 5k i would just follow the program exactly and don't run any more than that. just coz starting running is a grand shock to the ol body and you don't want to do too much to soon. the reason C25K works is coz it builds up gradually. if you want to do more exercise i'd just do something ocmpletely different, like walking or some weights, or whatnot. overdoing it could lead to injury and trust me, that suuuuuckssss :)

3:28 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

wow arent you a star :D well done!! Usually if i know im running at some point theres eating first because i get weak fast and my breathing gets harder and muscles are heavier faster... just be sure to wait about 45-60min after eating ;)
As for water, i always drink while on the treadmill but have never figured out how people running outside get their water through the workout... i dont have any space to shove a 1L bottle LOL
cant wait to see how you get on luvy xox

6:53 pm

Blogger YP said...

Yay for running! I always run before breakfast, but I do drink during it (or I do if I remember to take water with me, when I'm on the treadmill and I've got somewhere to put it or on longer runs). I don't drink much, but just something to keep me going. While you're starting I'd stick to the programme while you get used to it as increasing your running too quickly can cause injuries (which is precisely what I managed to do, and then couldn't walk for about a week after the first time I ran 5k because my foot was too swollen!)

10:06 pm

Blogger Denise said...

I'd concur with the others about not doing more than what's on the schedule because you can get nasty things like shin splits or plantar fasciatis(sp?) from overdoing. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

10:34 pm

Blogger kathrynoh said...

Woohoo - well done. I'm with you on the burning lungs, not good at all but giving up smoking is soooo hard. I think much harder than losing weight.

10:51 pm

Blogger kimba said...

Go Argy! I've been scouting out the parks around here to find somewhere suitable for me to get back into jogging - since I'm not going back to the gym for a while and won't have access to a treadmill (sob)

I used to eat something light about an hour beforehand - like a banana or a muesli bar - and then sip on water while I ran - not too much, just enough to keep the mouth wet.

As someone who has suffered from plantar fasciitis AND shin splints I agree with the others - take it easy, follow the program, don't do too much too soon. Invest in a good bra and a good pair of running shoes - they make all the difference!

kisses XOXOX

3:29 am


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