Friday, December 09, 2005
How was you week dear?
It has been an extra busy week. Thus the disappearance.

During this week, which was full of 12 - 14 hr working days (without the commute), preparations for 70 events to take place in 6 days (the week after next), lotsa crisis at the office, bit of crisis at home (to go to Amsterdam or not), no exercise besides the approximately 5,000 steps I do on high heels daily at work (does that count? ;), I have concluded the following:

1. Every woman should train herself in wearing high heels. It does not have to be 12 cm heels really. But 7-8 cm heels give you the following bennefits:

a. You become 7-8 cm taller ladies! This means that you look slimmer!!!! For fun really, do the silly thing I did and see for yourselves. Calculate your BMI with the added height. Or look at some table how many kilos you should weigh for your "height". I tell you, the people who saw you last week will start asking you if you lost weight! But this is not the only thing.
b.When you finally master the art of walking on high heels, you will see that your stride will be different. The way you walk will be different. You will feel more feminine. Sexier. Even during the aforementioned 12 hours!

2. When you leave your office after a very difficult day, when everyone and everything has been against you, and you feel beated and tired and ready to burst into tears, and also think to yourself, shite, this is not how I should be treated or have to treat ppl, you suddenly realise the balance of your bank account at the end of each month and realise that these are the things that go along with that number, and you breathe deep, and then suddenly smile. This has never happened to me before and I consider it a sign of me "growing" up. Work manages to stay outside our home entrance now, is not the centre of my world, instead, is the means to pay for all the other things of my world!

3. When I have problems and crisis in my life, I tend to overeat. I drow my sorrow in chocolate and spicy goodness. It really is a releif at the moment. I do not really know what has happened inside me lately. Nor how long will it last. However, during this awful week I have been faced with so many temptations. December is the month with more namedays than any other. And this is an organisation with about 200 employees. Boxes of chocolates, truffles, eclairs and you name it, come to my office on a daily basis. I have touched none. Instead I have spend my points wisely and I saw such a beautiful number on the scales this morning, I am going to write it down here, not as an update for the week, but as a tool to keep me for indulging during the weekend. You are entitled to bitch and yell at me on Monday if I come and report a bigger number! The number this morning was 86.7!!!!! 1.4 kilo loss and there 3 more days for "official" weigh in!!!

4. I miss my blogging routine. I realised this week that this is not just a passing time. When I read my favourite blogs and journals and do not have time to think and comment, I have them in my mind all day long, the same way I have in my mind my friend Elisabeth who broke up with her boyfriend. I am not saying this to excuse myself. I am saying this so you know.

5. Sometimes it is important to distinguish between what is good for me and what is best for me. A marathon is scheduled this weekend in therapy. A marathon is always good for me. On Thursday, during my session, I decided not to go and cancelled my participation. I have a horrible two weeks ahead of me. There will be 70 events in 4 metro stations from the 19 till the early afternoon of the 24th. I am organising them, and I and my team are serving them. And any techical work can be done during non working hours of the metro - 12.30 - 4.30 am!!! And then the events start at 10 am. Can you imagine the next two weeks? So this is the only weekend I will be able to relax, shop, see my husband and a few friends. This is best for me.

6. Last year, with my mother's situation, I really felt I missed Christmas. So I had promised myself that next Christmas will be really very christmasy! I will bake all my cookies again, I will make part of the gifts, I will shop ahead of time for the rest of the gifts, I will be on time with my christmas cards. Then when we moved in this house last summer, I made dreams about a huge christmas decoration, inside and out. And since this was the first house of Angelos and I that has a fireplace, I was dreaming of decorating the mantel, the huge kitchen, I was planning for a balcony packed in christmas lights. Well, so far its just the tree. Two series of lights (200 of them) got burnt during the week. I still have not replaced them. I have not bought one single present. I got the wicked idea last night that if we go to Amsterdam after all, I can tell everyone that I will delay them their Christmas gifts and will bring everyone something from the trip. Fair deal don't you think? I mean we will only be a couple of weeks late! Tonight our two friends who are coming with us to Amsterdam are coming for dinner to decide if we finally are going. I am so tempted to vote yes just to avoid the christmas gift shopping. Its not that I could not go today and shop. But I am in no mood, so I have no idea what to get for who. And we have a good 30 something gifts to buy. Oh my...

Tonight I am cooking mexican for our friends. I have all my points sorted out. I feel so much calmer inside when I am in such control. And I can eat things that are so no "diet" too.

An example:

On Thursday Sofia's mother returned from their village. She has gone there to pick up their new olive oil. The village is near Kalamata, which you might have heard of from the gorgeous olives that grow there. Their oil is of amazing quality. Organically grown trees, give an etra virgin oil you can simply drink straight from the bottle! She brought me some. So this was Friday's food:

Breakfast: A glass of fresh squeezed tangerines = 1 point
Snack: 7 almonds = 1.5 points
Lunch: 15 almonds, 2 dry figs = 4 points
Snack: 2 tangerines = 1 point
Dinner: 3 slices of mom's homemade whowheat sour dough bread = 3 points
45 gr of grilled feta on aluminum foil with crashed garlic, tomato and green pepper slices= 4.5 points
6 tsp of the devine olive oil = 6 points
half of Fage Total 0% yoghurt = 0.5 point
1 Tsp of my grape spoon sweet = 0.5 point

I evenly devided the olive oil and feta mixture on the toasted 3 slices of bread, and ate them with more slices of raw tomatoes, and then had half a cup of yoghurt mixed with the grape spoon sweet and I was really in heaven! And not one point more than I should.

I so dream to be 85 kilos on New Years Eve! This will mean I will only have 16 kilos to goal!!!!

Right...see what happens when someone has an eon to update? She rambles and rambles!!!!

Have a great weekend darlings. I will do my best towards this direction!!!!

Posted by Argy at 1:28 pm
Blogger Inspirator said...

The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.
Attitude, to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do.

It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company ...a church ...a home.

The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past ...we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way.

We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude ...I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you ...we are in charge of our attitudes.

Charles Swindoll

12:01 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

such a wonderful post lovely, you sound so on top of your game... excellent new low and the desire to continue. what more could a girl want :) have a happy weekend luv

12:40 pm

Blogger kathrynoh said...

Walking in high heels also gives your calves a good workout :)

Good luck for your weigh in. Sounds like you are really in control and handling things well. I think I'd be freaking if I had that much pressure at work. It's great that you can leave the work issues at work - the only way to keep sane.

4:47 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

What a wonderful post. In spite of the killer work schedule, you are able to have your life in balance and see the beauty of small things. Like high heels and good olive oil :) What happens to me when I'm too busy at work - I stop thinking. I just go like a robot and don't stop to look up to the sky (how blue it is) or have time to analyze how I feel. You are my hero!

12:48 pm

Blogger Shannin said...

I love really good olive oil - you can do so much with it...

Anyway, sounds like you are really busy and I know that will only make the holidays crazier. Hang in there, and kick up your (high) heels!

1:19 am

Blogger Laura said...

Wow - what a busy week! Good for you for keeping things in control.

I soooo cannot walk in high heels. I'm really short and though the extra height would help, I think I would look silly in heels!

The fresh olive oil sounds sooo delicious. Actually from near Kalamata...amazing.

I really love reading about how you describe all the fresh food you prepare - it sounds great! I need to move to another climate where I can have more of that stuff!

3:33 am

Blogger M said...

Being 175cms tall means I do not always like to wear high heels but since losing weight I have been wearing them more often. Only of the 5 - 8 cms height though :D And it does make me feel slimmer and makes my legs look nice and long. I actually prefer to wear heels now.

What a fantastic number on your scales. I hope that it stays or gets better by the time 'official' weigh in gets to you. Well done on resisting name day temptations and for counting each and every drop of olive oil into your points. These are the actions of a serious woman :)

Argy. Yours was one of the first blogs that I read. I have travelled these last 36 weeks with you and it has been a magical ride. Ups, downs, and sideways. You inspire me to lead a better, more 'natural' life and learn to enjoy the flabours of real food. I have admired your tenacity and your ability to open yourself up - to find the truth that lies inside.

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year and to thank you for the support you have given me this year. Thanks to you, I have learned to accept and embrace the differences in my body and to try to balance my need to lose weight with lifes need for balance. I will be back early in January to further celebrate in our joint successes.

With regards
M xx

11:00 am

Anonymous dg said...

ahhhh argy... i just smiled reading about that olive oil. wow! all sounds so exotic...

and well done for another amazing loss... and for kicking ass at work. you are doing so well :)

10:00 pm


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