Friday, November 11, 2005
A head of cabbage...or three
My husband and I are cabbage lovers. White and purple both, but white cabbage is one of my favourite winter veggies.

Cabbage is a stable in our household. I usually buy 2 medium sized white ones (or a huge one) and a small purple one each week from the farmers' market. The one white cabbage is eaten raw in salads. Grated carrot, finely chopped white cabbage, very little purple one, one garlic glove shredded, a couple of lemons, herbal mare salt, and a tad of olive oil makes a wonderful salad. We eat this almost every night. Sometimes we add mushrooms, or make a fancier dressing with olive oil, tons of sweet paprika, one Tsp of homemade mayonaise, lemon zest and lemon juice, all beaten up in the blender. This one is Angelos' favourite. I really like how it looks. The purple and white together enhanced by the deep orange of the dressing makes for a very happy coloured dish.

Then the other cabbage is used for stir fries, or other cooked delicacies.

Cabbage with rice and egg/lemon sauce. In a couple of Tsp of olive oil, I saute some onions, then I actually throw in the pot the cabbage cut coarsely, add some water, or chicken/vegetable stock if I have made any, let it boil, then add some basmati or brown rice or bulgur, depending on what's available, and when the rice is done, and the liquids have been almost all absorbed, I beat 2 egg yolks with the juice of 2 lemons, add a bit of the hot liquids from the pot to this mix, and then add the mix in the pot. This makes a thick egg/lemon sauce and a great dinner too. Served with tiny feta crumbs on top.

Sometimes I add mince and parsley too.

When I have time and feel like I want to please my man, I make dolmades with cabbage. Typical greek food.

I steam the leaves of cabbage and put them aside to cool. I put a few tsp of olive oil on the pot, saute onions and garlic, then add parsley, grated carrot, pine nuts, mushrooms cut very finely, sweet red pepper, zuccinis grated finely, and raisins. When these are sauted I add the rice, and wait till it is half done but still hard.

I take the leaves, and add a generous Tsp of the rice mixture on the leaf, roll it over, and place it in the bottom of the pot. I put the dolmades in layers, and add a little water in the pot, a plate on top of them, so they won't move in the pot and ruin their wrapping, and let them simmer for 20-30 mins. Then I make the same egg/lemon sauce as above and cover them all.

And sometimes I just mix mince and rice instead of all the veggies.

Today is the third day I have eaten breakfast. Nothing too much really. I just grab a cereal bar on my way out and eat it while walking to the metro. And I also take with me a small tupperware bowl with something in it. Leftovers from dinner really. The day before yesterday was rice with veggie stir fry. Yesterday it was the cabbage/rice/mince stew. Today is boiled chickpeas with lemon juice, olive oil and black pepper.

It has been two days since I've eaten chocolate in the evening. And I manage to eat an apple here and there in my day. Small steps. Again. :oP

I thought that I should start from somewhere. And I have no idea where is my pedometer! I will have to search the house tomorrow. But I am walking. I do a minimum of 6 k a day. Sometimes 8 k, depending on how tired I am or how late I leave the office. If I leave after 7.30, I do not walk to the metro, I take a taxi there, so I miss the 2 k from the office to the metro. But I walk from the metro home still.

I must get used to waking up earlier. I used to get up between 8 and 8.30 and now I must be up at 6.45 the latest. That is if I want to keep on having my couple of hrs "me" time in the mornings. And I need these couple of hours for my sanity!

I will talk to you soon.

Now go eat some cabbage!!!!

Posted by Argy at 9:43 am
Blogger Catesa said...

all sounds very tasty! im a cabbage lover too just not cooked --of course you know my cooked veggie issues lol good for you Argy getting back to your small steps, we can do this together big hugs to you sweetie, hope you find your pedometer soon xox

11:38 am

Anonymous dietgirl said...

hurrah for baby steps!

one day i will go back through your archives and copy and paste ALL your yummy recipes :) Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooo!

1:52 pm

Blogger Emma said...

Oh Argy (Bargy, Sargy)

Cabbage isn't nice. Behave yourself. And a whole post about it... oh you want me to cry. Ah well. each to their own :P

Nice to see you blogging again. Hope all is well with the job.

7:11 pm

Blogger Shannin said...

I love raw cabbage, and your salads sound yummy. Not a huge fan of cooked cabbage, but I'd be willing to try the dolmans (?)...

3:34 am

Blogger M said...

I love dolmades but have been cutting back. I am also a big cabbage lover. My mother always make the purple cabbage - cooked - with either chopped up fried bacon (not so good) or cut up apple (better). I like it in my salads.

You should put together a recipe book. I'll take 2 :)

Have a great night.

10:16 am

Blogger Denise said...

I don't understand why you aren't a professional chef? I would pay you large sums of money to come and cook for me! :)

3:30 am

Blogger Kate said...

If I win the lottery, I'm flying you over to NZ to come and cook for me. I can't cook to save myself, and all the things you describe sound like they'd be simple if you made them, but a disaster if I tried. Hehe. You're cool :-)

5:04 am

Blogger Mary said...

I love cabbage too, yum. Growing up in a Croatian household, you'd be hard pressed not to have cabbage rolls and sauerkraut often. Thanks for making me want some tonight! Good going with eating during the day tand for walking!!

9:34 pm


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