Monday, October 17, 2005
Stop the excuses!!!
Somewhere in my archives there is a post I have been working on for almost a week now, about last week's therapy session. I begun writting it, and while still in the middle I realised it was the longest thing I ever wrote, so I stopped and have tried a few times to summarise things, but the end result is not what I want it to be. If I don't manage to shrink it a bit more, you will have to read the whole novel if you want!

I had a very warm weekend. After a week with too many things in the evenings, we spend a weekend at home doing house things. Last week we had friends over for dinner on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, we went our seperately (boys out, girls out) on Wednesday, and we went to some friends' house on Friday evening too. Although weeks like this are really amusing, they leave us both with a very strong desire to cocoon for the entire weekend!

Plus it was the first real autumny weekend. Windy, cloudy, a bit cold too. On Saturday I spend the morning cleaning the house, then Angelos returned from work and went for a bit of grocery shopping, and then we watched a dvd and napped from 4 in the afternoon till 8 in the evening! We woke up sleepy, and decided to defrost some pork chops, and bbq them along with pitta breads and the feta parcel. Teh feta parcel is aluminum foil, with thick slices of tomatoes, onions, red peppers, feta, garlic, and sweet paprika, left on the higher rank of the bbq to become a decadent melt in your mouth delicacy.

But my honey wanted more. He wanted sweets. So he and I left after I put the chops to defrost, and walked for 40 mins to get to his fav pastry shop and buy his favourite assortment. Eclairs, and similar kinds of greek sweets made of fyllo and cream in different versions.

40 mins after, as we were entering home, he was trying to persuade me to share the sweets with him cos hey, you walked for 80 minutes! lol

Angelos is the person who has helped me most during all these years I have spend to loose the 42 kilos I have lost. However, once in a very long while, he wants me to share food with him. He wants to not feel bad for eating it alone. And I need no better excuse. Shame on me!!!

On Sunday we did the hard job. We folded and put away all summer clothes, and got out all winter clothes. Although I do not weigh much less than May that we put the winter clothes away, the trousers are a bit looser. Must be all the walking I have been doing, along with all the swimming during the summer. However I was shocked with my winter clothes! I was planning to really clean my closet from clothes I do not wear too much. or I dont like too much, and have less items that I wear more often, and a much more well organised closet. In the previous house my closet always looked like a battle field, because it had too many clothes I almost never wore.

I had totally forgotten that I already did this last May. When I was packing everything for the move, and the moment to put away the winter clothes came, I thought back then, and discussed it with Angelos too, that it would be better to do the cleansing before packing the stuff for the new house. I did the same in everything, from pots and plates I did not use to table clothes and sheets. But for some reason I had forgotten I did this with my clothes and Angelos clothes too!!!

And my closet is really empty! I only have 3 skirts, and the one I have bought recently! None of them is suitable for work though. I have enough shirts, but only 4 sweaters, I have plenty of coats but no cardigans, and just one pin stripped jacket. I have two pairs of jeans, one black par of trousers, one brown, and one grey. I really need at least a couple of suits for work, a couple of skirts, and a couple of thin sweaters for the office!

And after our hard work yesterday, which started at 9 am and finished at 4, we went over my gf's who moved on Saturday and helped her shift the furniture to see where to put things better, and then were back home at 9 pm, and angelos wanted to light all the canddles in the house, and burn oils, and open a bottle of white wine, and eat pasta carbonara. Which I made and shared with him.

I feel sick really today. I am sorry to say that all last week I have eaten bad. I have eaten decadent. And I have excused myself with the pety excuse of too much going on during the day so I need to unwind during the evening.

The truth is I am really tired. Both physically and emotionally. I wake up earlier and go to the new job for a couple fo hours in the mornings. Then go to current office and work like mad to finish up my projects and have a very tensed and ugly atmosphere there. She spoke to most of our clients. She had asked me to tell them so herself, and I accepted that. But she was supposed to inform me when she would do it. Well she did not. So people were calling me, asking me how I was, asking me if I had any news, and I replied no, things are like usual. One day someone asked me straight why I am not telling the truth. I got so upset. She has told everyone for a week and had not mentioned anything to me!!!

But another truth is that last Thursday I had an epiphany. I had an appointment with the PR manager of another organisation, with whom we are going to organise a series of Christmas events. My first real appointment in the new job. My first project :)

So when my "boss" introduced me to this man, and he smiled at me and shaked hands. At this very moment I realised that if this offer came to me a couple of years ago, that I was probably 30 kilos heavier than I am today, I would have not accepted it. I would have stayed in my current company. I would be too afraid and too consious of my appearance to make such a change. I would not feel comfortable to enter a room with 8 people and be introduced as their manager. I would be sure that after the meeting they would all gather and ridicule the new fat manager.

So it is time to stop the excuses. And get back to my good eating and exercising. I was supposed to weigh in on the 19th. I am not. Not with the way I have eaten this last week. I will take another week to undo some of the damage I did. So weigh in is on Wednesday October 26.

Now lets get serious and shed some of the newly acquired kilo(s)! There is a plan too!

Daily points: 20
Daily walking: 60 mins (might be all in one of 2 x 30 mins)
Fish 3 times a week
Red meat once a week
seafood once a week
veggie meals the rest of the week.

And because life needs to be enjoyed, I will cook something new every day, and let you know about it too!

Lets have a superb week!!!!

Posted by Argy at 8:57 am
Blogger kathrynoh said...

Those fetta parcels sound heaven! I am definitely going to try them.

It always amazes me to read about people having summer and winter clothes - we never have consistent seasons here. Even in the middle of a hot summer, the weather can change to be like winter. It must be so nice to be able to store things away.

10:25 am

Blogger Shannin said...

I just cleaned out my closet as well. I think I have enough fall clothes but I will have to do a major shop come spring! The walk sounds good, even if it was to get pasteries...

12:39 am

Blogger M said...

Yaaay for having a superb week. I will too :)

And how things have changed. You are the positive one in charge of your goals and destiny and your 'friend' is bitter and will end up lonely and alone if she carries on in this manner.

Well done for choosing to eat well and get back into it. You can do this and you will continue to be and look sensational.

btw: thank you so much for all your wonderful comments lately. They do make me feel great and blush too sometimes :)

4:00 am

Blogger Mary said...

I love reading your posts, although I might not always comment. You are going through so many changes right now and I can't wait for you to be out of your old job for good. Love the positivity coming out of you and that you share romantic nights with your partner :-)

10:08 am

Blogger Mary said...

Early mornings can become enjoyable I think, I hope because I am now doing it! You have so much more of a day :-) I am so sorry to hear you are still having troubles with your partner and everyone else she infects. You just hold your integrity and dignity intact, and things will blow over soon enough. She sounds like a right cow. Be good to youself!! Blog instead of eat when you need a release :-)

10:21 am


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