Thursday, October 27, 2005
quick...i'll miss the metro!
I have an appointment at 9.30 in the new job. I'm excited. I assume it will take a good couple of hours. Then, I decided to pay my partner a visit. I am going there to talk to her and clear things out. Enough procrastinating and silly excuses. I was telling myself that I did not want to show weakness by crying should I feel like this. And with this excuse I have shown an even bigger weakness by not confronting her at all. Well, this is not the case anymore. I was thinking that taking some distance would help really, and because we are leaving for a long weekend this afternoon, I was thinking to take some time and then speak with her on Monday. Not the case, really. I left the office at 3 yesterday and walked to the national garden, walked there for an hour, fed the ducks and the birds, looked at so many young mothers and kids, then walked for another 3 hours all over Athens. Downtown, main shopping streets, really very quiet, and with exceptionally good weather for ths time of the year, a sunny 24 C. Then I walked over Plaka and old Athens and the Acropolis. This really cleared my head.

We will be back on Sunday evening. We are going in a place called Kardamili in Peloponese, a place we passed by 5 years ago and wished I could stay for a few days ever since. Its a strange story how we are going, we were seated with some strangers during the lunch after a christening, and we sort of clicked together and had lotsa fun. So they have a house over there and they invited us over. Although I am excited I really am feeling a bit weird to go now, since Ive only spent with them 3 hrs and now we are going to sleep over their house for 3

I was thinking of a gift to take, and I decided to make a breakfast basket. 2 loafs of my mom's whole wheat bread, a small jar with my fig marmelade, a small jar with my grape spoon sweet I made on sunday, and chocolate chip cookies and oat/raisins/almond cookies I'm making when I'm back home after the appointments. Then I'll go to the organic shop and buy a good butter, a good goat cheese, 12 eggs, a couple of good sausages and apple waffles. I got the classic plaited red and white tableclothe and I am going to cut it in small pieces, and put everything in a piece, tie it up with some string, and place everything like this in a rustic basket. You think its nice?

I'll be back Sunday evening or Monday morning to tell you how everything went!

I'm excited...and a bit stressed. This place is about 350 km away...have I ever told you how I fear road trips?

Posted by Argy at 8:27 am
Blogger Catesa said...

it sounds perfect that gift, im sure it will be greatly appreciated :)
isnt this weather odd? its getting to be 21c and sunny! crazy!
you never mentioned your road trip fear before, any reason for it? just the long distance in a car? *kisses* have a fabulous safe trip luv

1:18 pm

Blogger M said...

What a wonderful gift. They will love it. I sometimes think it is too easy to buy gifts these days, it is much more personal when you spend time and love making something.

I wish you luck and courage for your talk. You are a good soul and I think it will be the best thing for you.

Have a safe journey and a fun holiday. Looking forward to all of the great stories :)

1:27 pm

Blogger kathrynoh said...

The gift sounds wonderful. You can stay with me any time :)

I don't understand being scared of road trips. I love them. There is nothing better than being in the car with some loud music. I sing a lot in the car.

I'm sure you'll enjoy your weekend all the more for having cleared the air.

4:18 pm

Blogger Mary said...

It sounds so beautiful to be living in Athens :-) The weekends sounds devine and what a great present to be taking along, perfect. I hope you have a really nice time and look forward to hearing all about it.

10:31 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

I'm envious of this person who is getting this gift. What a fabulous idea. And so personalised. I love giving gifts like that, but I seem never to be on the receiving end. :(

3:01 am

Anonymous Trish said...

That gift sounds amazing, wanna send one to Canada? LOL. Have a wonderful long weekend and I hope you talk went well. At least you get out what you need to say and then move on.

4:51 am

Blogger Kate said...

I'm so proud of you for deciding to talk to your partner - if it doesn't end up making anything clearer, or nicer, then you have lost nothing!

And that basket sounds devine - I'm not sure about in Greece, but I'm pretty sure you could sell that in NZ or Aussie - and people would love it!!

9:47 am

Blogger airlie said...

i am keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything goes well with your partner sweety!

11:05 am

Blogger Denise said...

Have a lovely mini-vacation and what a wonderful gift your hosts will be receiving! You are such a special, thoughtful girl, dear Argy. :)

9:43 pm


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