Tuesday, September 20, 2005
I walked a total of 12.838 steps yesterday, or 9.24 km, which I like better :). I ate my fish and I did not enjoy it last night. I got to come up with more recipes, because besides the way the salmon is cooked, I am now getting bored with the way I cook all other fish.

So I decided to give myself a nice dinner tonight :)


I already made the mince and I am still drooling with the way it smelled this morning, and the way it tasted too (a cook got to check how the spices are in a food you know ;). I just had a small tsp to try and I quickly rushed away from the kitchen or I would have eaten the whole pot for breakfast!

Instead I had a whole grain rye rusk with a Tsp of cottage cheese and a tsp of the fig & date marmalade I made this weekend.

Have I told you I decided to count points for a while again? This is another step towards the "control - your - portions - honey" direction.

And because lasagna aint too point friendly, I did some alterations and I think I will have a very generous serving for just 6.5 points!!!

Here is the recipe:

4o0 gr raw turkey mince = 6 points
5 colourful peppers = 0 points
5 portobella mushrooms = 0 points
2 red onions = 0 points
8 tsp of olive oil = 8 points
240 gr of lasagna sheets = 12 points
2 cups of 0% fat milk = 2 points
2 Tsp of corn flour = 2 points
8 Tsp of grated parmezan = 8 points
a kilo of ripe tomatoes = 0 points
nutmeg, curry, sweet paprika, hot paprika, cumin, fresh basil, salt = 0 points

total points = 38
Serves 6 generously on 6.5 points each!

Cut all the vegies finely
Saute first the onions and the garlic in the olive oil, then add the mince, then the rest of the veggies
Put the tomatoes in the blender
As soon as the veggies/mince are sauted add the tomato juice
Add the spices and simmer till it really thickens

Spray your baking tin with cooking spray
Lay the lasagna
Add the mince
More lasagna
More mince
More lasagna
More mince

Take a pot. Put the milk in it, and let it come to a boil. Add the nutmeg, the 2 Tsp of corn flour and when it thickens add the grated parmezan. Pour that on top. Bake it in a 200 C oven for 25 minutes.


Posted by Argy at 11:13 am
Blogger Catesa said...

so weird, im making cheese/spinach canneloni for dinner. seems we are both in the mood for a nice pasta dish. yours is a little nicer in points though, mines 9.5 inc. salad with dressing on the side lol *kisses*

1:09 pm

Blogger Dee said...

Oh YUM - I'm so stealing [I mean]... borrowing this. It's so weird because we were talking about having Lasagna tonight but opted for an easier meal because I didn't want to work out the pts.

Cheers... THANKS FOR THIS!!!

Was it as yummy as it sounds?

3:03 pm

Blogger Emma said...

9.24km? Not bad, not bad at all :P

Lasagne is one of those foods where I can't exercise any portion control. One bite = the whole thing.

4:28 pm

Blogger Kate said...

Yum, yum yum!

1:35 pm

Blogger Shannin said...

That sounds great - and healthy! I love a good lasagna!

4:10 pm

Blogger Mary said...

Mmm, mmmmmm....lasagne with turkey mince, my favourite! My parents have a turkey farm so I have turkey all year round :-) Thanks for your recipe!

4:42 am


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