Friday, February 18, 2005
So the cold beat me. And I am home with a bit of a fever and a lot of coughing and sneezing. And the cleaning lady too, which comes all the time and asks all kinds of questions. But it is nice, because I will get the chance to tidy and organise better my kitchen closets. I can do the "decorating" part and she can do the "tidying" part. She is thrilled to have me She's been bugging me for ever to "put things in order" and she is just happy to hear I will stay and do this. Our cleaning lady is a gem. We love her like a family member. She is actually a friend of my mom's best friend, and she is a wonderful woman!

Last night I came home to a bad surprise. I had prepared the mince in the morning to fill in the huge portabella mushrooms, remember? Well, I was thinking about them all day long. I was drooling in imagining how this would taste. Angelos picked me up from therapy, and the conversation between us in the car was all about dinner. How long it will take for the food to cook, if I should add some grated parmezan in his, etc.

And I run to the kitchen as soon as I got home, and opened the fridge, and took the box with the mushrooms, and the bastards were rotten! The part of them that wasn't visible was totally rotten!!! I got so angry! If it was not 8.30 and the shops were still open, I would have gone to the supermaket and made a big issue!

So we ate the mince with bulgur, and steamed brocolli and cauliflower.

I got to go and do the kitchen closets now. But I will be back for more posting I reckon. I have planned my sick day already you know. I will do the kitchen closets, blog some more, and then I have decided to re-read Kimba's whole archives! I do this once in a while, I reread entire blogs that I find utterly inspirational! So today it is Kimba day!

See you soon :)

Posted by Argy at 10:17 am
Blogger Catesa said...

when life throws us lemons, make lemonade right? its great how you went on to handle the dinner situation. you adapted and everything turned out to be ok :) good work Argy!

2:41 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Description of you sick day sounds like so much fun that it almost makes me wanna fall sick too :D Oh I hate it when I buy 20EUR per kilo greenhouse tomatoes (or alike) and they turn out to be rotten. Gah. I thought that never happens in Greece though :D

4:22 pm


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