Wednesday, February 02, 2005
I am not going to get on the scales today!
Sofia and Vangelis are evil. It is not 8 o clock yet, so I will have to wait for another hour to call and tell them, but let me repeat that here: Sofia and Vangelis are evil!!!

So I worked hard yesterday, especially since my computer at work had a problem and could not get connected to the office network. That meant no internet for me, which also meant no surfing in Amsterdam info, no blog reading, just a good ole old fashioned day at work, with writting and filling and calling and no internet fun! I even played some Solitaire!!!!

And then went and bought some gifts for the people in Amsterdam: olives, wine, ouzo, baklava, and masticha sweets. Then I went for my therapy session at 8, and by 9.45 in th evening, I was at their place. Angelos was there already.

So they told us all about the shops, showed us all the clothes and stuff they bought, told us about new restaurants they discovered, new varieties of pot they tried, live sex shows they saw, silly things they did, made us promise we won't hire bicycles, since the tram run over two tourists riding a bike and they saw this (god!!!), and then gave me my present. Sofia got me a great black shirt with diagonal stripes in black satin. And then she gave me my birthday cake, which was strange. It was a small, size of a big grapefruit, cake shaped in a heart. Chocolaty. She told me that this is a traditional dutch cake for birthdays, in which you are supposed to lite one canndle, blow it with the one you love, and make a birthday wish that involves your common life with thi sperson, then share it with them. She gave me the special canddle too! She also brought Angelos a HUGE Cardbury fruit and nuts chocolate, A's fav of all favs! For which I complained because who needs a kilo of Cadbury at home?

Then she lite my canddle, and I made my wish, and Angelos and I blew it together, and then shared it. It was yummy, gooye inside, with chocolate and cinammon and cloves and orange zest, and it was rich and decadent and mmmmm!!!!!

We were home and in bed by midnight.

At some point, I woke up feeling strange. Like someone hit me in the stomach. We have no clocks in the bedroom - by feng shui advice - and I never wear a watch too, so I truned on my mobile - which also serves me as an alarm clock - to see the time, and it was 3.20. And I received an sms too! Angelos woke up too with a weird feeling too. I read the sms which said "Happy Belated birthday darling! This will be one you will remember - and you will soon know why the cadbury too!" and wsa from Sofia.

Angelos turned on the light and saw me and started to laugh. "What's wrong?" I asked. "You look so funny!" he said "Why I look funny???!!!" I asked "because you look like someone with curls although you have no curls" he said. I started laughing too. We were both laughing without knowing why to the point of fighting who will go pee first. We somehow calmed down, and then I read him the sms, still puzzled! But the weird feeling kept coming back, and we could not stop laughing. And then we knew. It was hash cake! Because the more time went, the more silly we got, and then we got extremely hungry, and we were discussing food in bed laughing so hard! We were saying food we would make with vangelis and sofias flesh and bones after killing them for what they did to us!!! Gross I know but oh boy was it so hilarious!!!! We then remembered the Marry Poppins film, when she went to her uncle who was floating in the ceiling by laughing too much and were laughing and laughing trying to float too!!!! At 4.30 we were both in the kitchen and were making toasts with everything we could find in the freeze. Cheese, sundried tomatoes, smoked turkey, and some cadbury too! Toasts with cadburry now his was something new!!!

I can only vaguely remember the amount of food we ate. But it was A LOT! I can tell from the yucky feeling I have, the countless times I have been in the toilet, the burning stomach I have. And Angelos feels like shit too. Needless to say we never went back to sleep.

It was fun. We have never acted like this before together. So silly. But I don't like it now. I am a little mad at Sofia and Vangelis for this too. When I said yesterday that they were going to bring space cake I could never really believe that this could ever happen. I mean this stuff is illegal here! How on earth did they ever managed to bring this in!

And I am sick in my stomach. I have been eating greens for 3 weeks, and all this bread and cheese and chocolate have made my system go nuts! My tummy is growling all the time. I have a sleepy feeling. I keep on drinking spearmint tea and still cannot digest. I feel like my whole life depends on burping and I can't burp! And I must not get on the scales because it will show something ugly and will make me really mad at them!

And that also made me reconsider the too many visits in coffeeshops I was planning. Last year in Amsterdam, every time we felt like a cup of coffee, we would have it in a coffee shopt. Sure it is nice while in Amsterdam to smoke some pot freely, while enjoying a great cappucino coffee, laughing with friends without being worried about getting caught, it is very amusing to roll your joint there and ask a cop for a lighter, to have all these different varieties with the fancy names like silver haze, or philoshopher's stone, or kalimist, or purple mist, or laughter's delight. But then come the munchies. And they come uncontrollable. And I cannot stand the feeling I have afterwards. Not any more. I am trying to understand now how I used to do this so often in the past! A disgrace I was!

So I think this year will be a visit or two the whole 6 days. While last year was more like 4-5 visits a day! And tons of chocolate and french fries with tartar sauce and hot dogs and cheese and deep fried metballs dipped in spicy mustard and then more sweets. I am making myself sick just by typping these!!!!

Right, it is shower time now! And calling Sofia time too!!! hehehe Actually now I am thinking of this, I should be thankful. Last night's incident showed me that although it is fun, I REALLY do not want to do this anymore! OMG!!! I just got the best idea!!!! I will NOT call her. Hang on....

ha! I called Angelos and told him that if they call him to act as nothing happened. And I will do the same too. I bet they are dying to know what happened last night, how it affected us and all. We will not say anything and let them boil in their own juice...hehehe. Evil them...double evil us!!!!!

And hey...we are leaving TOMORROW!!!! Bright and early! We will leave home at 7, we fly at 9 :))))

I will be thinking of you all. I will take the shops pictures Denise asked some time ago. i will take lots of pics and show you! And I will be back on February 9 for the longest post ever!!!!!

Big kiss and hugs...I am going to miss you!!!!!!!!

Posted by Argy at 7:50 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip! Oh if my friends had done that to me I would kill them! I did eat toast once with marajuana butter and got stoned - my friends brother's little joke, he said it was "herb butter".

Anyway, have a ball!!! bon voyage...


9:31 am

Blogger kimba said...

Wow, your friends are really naughty aren't they? heh. Lucky they didn't get caught bringing the cake back into Greece! I love the way you find some good in everything - instead of being annoyed at them you're thankful that it's shown you in advance why you don't want to go overboard on the 'green stuff' in Amsterdam. You're so gorgeous.

Have a FABULOUS TRIP and is it too much to ask for a postcard? Probably too late now anyway, heh. I'll settle for some photos of your gorgeousness having a ball in Amsterdam with your man. Live it up, enjoy, and make sure you get those boots ;)

11:57 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehehe that is hilarious! :)

have a great time argy!


12:09 pm

Blogger airlie said...

oh my gosh - i nearly peed myself laughing at this entry! You are so funny! And you CAN't let them think nothing happened, I am dying to know how they got the cake back in too! strange!

12:48 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Argy, that was the funniest thing I've read in a while. Not funny that you got sick and feel yucky, but funny that your friends managed to do such a thing. Let's face it - I live a very sheltered life and such things just don't register on my radar over here.

I relayed the story to The Hubby, and he - too- got a big kick out of it. He looked at me and said, "So baby, you ready to go to Amsterdam?" I just laughed and said, "Baby, I do believe the culture shock of such a thing would kill me." We both laughed.

I hope you have a wonderful trip. I can't wait to hear all about your own adventures in Amsterdam. Living life vicariously is fun.



2:11 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

got a little giggle from your entry but i hope you feel better soon! have a fun and safe trip and if you can find something called 'top 41' sometimes 'toppie' its what i get from a local coffee shop, it gives a completely relaxed and mellow high with the best -- no munchies!! although you may just feel like sleeping so maybe its not so good if you want to have fun ;)
have a fantastic time and watch out for those trams!!

2:38 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

oh, as end note... things are very different here from A'dam so maybe just asking for something to make you mellow & have no munchies will get you the same stuff, i dont know if the names are the same way up there in the north :)

2:48 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

bad bad friends - but oh so funny!!


9:58 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This really does show that there's a message to be learnt from everything, ofcourse we'll have to wait until you come back to see if you learnt it ;). I gained 6kgs when I travelled through amsterdam last time heh, took me ages to get it off, all those donuts and pizza slices in the side streets :/


12:14 am

Blogger Denise said...

I will anxiously await the posting of the lovely shop photos! :-)

Have a lovely, safe trip and enjoy yourself.

3:38 am

Blogger Angel said...

LOL how hilarious! sneaky but funny!!

have a great trip!!! :) :)

4:09 am

Blogger Janine said...

Hi there Argy, My name is Janine and I have been reading your site for a while. I just waited to say that I think your entries areso funny, and you sound like an amazing women.



10:00 pm

Blogger Janine said...

Hi there Argy, My name is Janine and I have been reading your site for a while. I just waited to say that I think your entries areso funny, and you sound like an amazing women.



10:04 pm


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