Monday, January 31, 2005
The official completion of the 21 days...or else...Counting my Blessings!
I had a wonderful Sunday in the marathon. We worked with our bodies so much! It was another proof of how related the body to the soul is. After all the exercises (I got tips for you which I will post soon) all teh therapy work of each and everyone flowed so much more easily. People who had difficulties in opening up and working, people who showed the most resistance and needed 30 minutes to start the real work were doing it in less than 10 minutes!

Needless to say I left the place at 8 in the evening floating. I went by my mom and she told me I was radiant! Angelos told me when he opened the door: "Where you really in the marathon or you secretely went to a beauty spa?" hehehe

Nothing beautifies us more than the feeling of content!!!

I was really tempted to eat lamp chops last night. Angelos wanted some so badly, and was telling me...oh come on...what's the difference if you eat some meat tonight, the detox is almost over in 6 hours! lol

But I needed these 6 more hours to show myself that I really did it. So it was another round of baked veggies for me last night! And this morning, when I got on the scales, the number totally surprised me!



Eighty Eight point Eight!!!!!

I have never loved three 8's more before :) And I am so happy for having lost 7 whole kilos in 3 weeks!

I know that most of it is due to the marathon. We all felt lighter after all these exercises, which were all about releasing all stagnant energy from our bodies. We could all feel our bodies tickling and shivvering, the way you feel after good sex, all alive and free.

On my birthday I always try to count my blessings. I always make lists for the things I am thankful while celebrating life. Because what else is the birthday celebration but an ode to life and a heartfelt thanks to the people who brought us in these world?

So when I wake up, I always call my parents, and thank them for brinking me in this world. For being there for me. For doing the best they could and then some more. For loving me and teaching me how to love too. For holding my hand and showing me how to hold hands. For being strict when strictness was needed and teaching me that strictness sometimes means determination and honour of one's morals. For giving me my morals and allowing me to develop my own seperate ones.

And then I continue with counting my blessings. And one of this year's blessings is that I will not write them in this special notebook I have, but here.

This blog has been a blessing. It has turned the joy of writting in a diary into a loving support group. It has evolved the calmness I had while putting my thoughts into paper into the comforting knowledge that I am not alone in this, that there are many wonderful people fighting the same battle and they are offering wisdom, honesty, care, sentiments, concern, support!

You all are in my list of blessings.

My wonderful, supportive, witty, sexy, loving, honest, gorgeous, funny, sincere, inventive, hard working, organised, calm, strong, and oh so much more husband is my blessing.

My health, my family's health, my friends' health are a blessing.

My wonderful brother and sister in law who not only blessed me with their existance but have also given me my wonderful niece and nephew (and have one more on the way) are in my list.

A roof over our heads and food in our plates are blessings.

The choise I have ever day of what to wear is a blessing.

My work is a blessing because it brings food in our table and boots in my closet. But for no other reason ;)

Therapy is my blessing because it cleansed my soul from the anger and the hurt and the resentment and it shed light to the dark corners and fresh air to the good ole skeleton closet.

On the eve of my 37th year, I am a rich woman, and I can sincerely say, through my happy tears now - yeah, I am a sook sometimes - that you my dear dear frends, are part of my wealth!

Thank you!

Posted by Argy at 9:28 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a joyous entry!! One question, where can I get this therapy? I have every blessing anyone could want but still feel a void - a deadness in me. I wonder if therapy could help me? I know that I am the only one who can change me and I don't blame anyone else for this but I wish I could feel the same joy you do and I surely have everything to feel joy about. Perhaps its my age? 48 and getting older - I feel a real separation now from people in their 30s whereas not too long ago there was no distance. But all this is another story - I'm glad you are so well and happy and 88.8!!!


11:52 am

Blogger airlie said...

happy birthday and what an unselfish person you have proven yourself to be. When most of us are sitting around saying, 'Where are MY presents?" on our birthdays you are thanking the people that gave birthdays to you! and that is why we love you...just the way you are!!!!!!

12:30 pm

Blogger Catesa said...

Hi Argy, ive been reading your blog for quite a long time (lurker alert :) ) and must say you are such a real, open and honest person... you have a way of writing that just makes me hurt when you hurt and be happy when you are happy. you are a special person and i wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. congrats on all of your progress, youve certainly earned it :)

1:19 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope your birthday is as brilliant and joyous as you are!

Many birthday *HUGS*, my dear!

1:57 pm

Blogger Sheri said...

A new reader here and I'm hooked! Wishing you the best and you are very blessed woman.

I'll be back for more reading!

3:26 pm

Blogger Kimba said...

Hey gorgeous. What a special soul you are. That's such a lovely thing to do on your birthday, calling your parents to thank them. I think I'm going to have to steal that idea! Something I have really learned from you is to be more grateful and appreciative of my life. That's been such a gift. Thank you. And I'm glad you had a blessed birthday, you deserve it.

88.8! Woohoo!

11:28 pm

Blogger Cat said...

Hey Argy

Happy Birthday!!!!! & Congratulations on completing your detox! You really are a special person & so very inspiring. I just love how you sound like you are jumping out of your skin with energy & light! Hope you score heaps of bargins on your shopping trip & of course have loads of fun!!!


Cat (Cat M, Melbourne Australia)

4:07 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow that is an amazing loss!!! well done girl!! Very proud of you :D

Lyn @

7:12 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi hun, great loss - and wow 88.8 that is awesome... I too will get there ONE day! And Happy birthday as well - hope you have a great day and may the year ahead be filled with many wonderful things and may many dreams come true!
Love Karen

7:24 am


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