Saturday, January 29, 2005
Day 20
Angelos is getting better and that meant a good 6 hrs of uniterrupted sleep for me. Just what I needed, because yesterday I was so tired I could not function properly.

I am excited to go to the marathon. It is always such hard and painful work in its duration, but every sunday evening, when it is over, we all leave the place so much lighter and better. No pain no gain is I think too true in our marathon sessions.

And I am also excited to see the rest of the group, see the new people, we always have a couple of new persons.

I went to the video club to get some dvd's for A last night. I rarely go there if at all, he is the good dvd picker! And I run into an old classmate whom I havent seen in more than 10 years. When he saw me he look as if you just walked out of the classroom! Your face is exactly the same!! Lol...he was nice enough to not mention the weight, and it also did wonders to my mood, as I was checking for wrinkles in the mirror a litlle while ago. Birthday proximity makes me feel older all of the sudden, and makes me feel oooooo I need eyes cream, anti-wrinkle stuff, and the

The scales moved to 90.1. I am so pleased with this. Tomorrow is the last day of this detox, and I am glowing inside from pride of actually doing it without any "mishaps".Even if it stays there till tomorrow, this will mean a loss of 5.7 kilos in 3 weeks, which is great!

I amstill considering what to do after I return, diet-wise. I could go on my own, but I think I need something else. WW was a serious considertaion, but now I am also considering what my partner is doing. She gained about 20 kilos in her pregnancy, and a friend suggested to her a dietician. Her program is based on her blood type, and she sees this woman every two weeks. Yesterday was her first appointment after the completion of her first 2 weeks. She has lost 3.5 kilos, with 2.8 of it being fat! And because she has a different body type of mine, I could see that she has lost cm's from where she needs it most, her stomach and tummy. And my friend Sofia also told me that she will seriously consider my proposal to join a gym together and tell me when she returns from Amsterdam. Wednesday night we are meeting after her return, to get some new tips about shops,etc, and discuss the gym too. If I go for the gym membership, then I will keep on eating on my won, both will be too costy for me right now.

Ok...I am going to get showered and dressed and then go for my marathon. I am soooo looking forward to it!!!

Posted by Argy at 8:18 am
Blogger airlie said...

any addition to routine will kickstart your weight loss babe, especially after the awesome work that you have done during detox. SO if you join the gym, you can wait until your body adjusts and stops losing before you see a dietician or join ww. It will cost you a lot less. And you can use it as a tool for any plateau you may hit.

1:19 pm


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