Friday, January 28, 2005
Day 19...Can you believe it?!
I did not sleep well last night again. My baby is so sick and sooooo feverish!!! I was up every hour, changing his clothes, bringing more tea, caressing his forehead. And I have been up since 6 am again. Boy I am tired!

I went to the chiropractor yesterday. I have not been there for two years. I had a very stiff neck and some problems there back then, and the superman fixed them all in 8 sessions. But lately I seem to always have a bad back, and Angelos who is seeing him regularly always complains to me that I never go to see the chiro and on Tuesday he said the magic sentense to persuade me. He said "but you don't want to be in pain in Amsterdam and not be able to carry your shopping bags" hehehe....he knows all my buttons too well I'm afraid!

First, it was great to see the chiro, because the instant he saw me his jaw dropped. hehehe. He went out of his office to the waiting room and as soon as he saw me he said...Argyro...what a hair eh? lol There were more people waiting and he was kind enough to not say a thing about weight! But as soon as I got into his office, he got all enthusiastic and congratulatory. Felt good indeed :)

He said I need at least 3 sessions more between yesterday and Amsterdam. So I am seeing him today, and on Mon and Wed. Apparently, my body is trying to find its balance again. My centre of gravity has changed with all the lost weight and I have a tender back after that accident - I had a bad accident when I was 18 - so he needs to stress and extend and flex and

Since I been up so early, I cooked something for Angelos. He wanted something with lotsa veggies because he ate too much chicken soup and fish soup and meat soup the last two days. Here is what I came up with, because I was a tad bored, and it is heavenly from what I can tell from the smell: (this one is for your scotchman veggeterian and yummy ;)

Remember the big tupperware with the cut salad? (roman lettuce, kos lettuce, white and purrple cabbage, different colours of peppers, parsley, grated carrots, drill, shallots).

I put some olive oil in the pot, and more shallots (this food wants many shallots) and more drill (cos it likes drill too). Then I put all the salad. Then about a kilo and a half of various mushrooms cut in big pieces, salt and pepper, water, and let it cook till the water was reduced in half and the mushrooms were cooked. Now this is where the "difficult" part

You take 2 eggs and whisk them in a plate, don't whisk them too much, just tenderly so that the yolk and the whites mix. Add in the eggs the juice of 2 -3 lemons. Stir it a little. Then take a big spoon (the one that you usually serve soup with) and take 2 such huge spoonfuls and put them gratually in the eggs and lemon mix while stirring constantly, so that the eggs won't cook. Then take your pot off the heat, and add this mixture in the pot slowly while stirring the pot constantly. Then, take 2 Tsp of corn flour in 1/3 of a glass of water, stir it, add it to the pot, bring the pot back to the heat and let it boil for a minute or two till it thickens.

This dish is traditional greek and is usually done only with lotsa lettuce, shallots, drill and lamp. But I brought about 4 kilos of organic mushrooms from a friend who has start an organic mushrooms farm, and had this big quantity of already cut salad, that I thought I'd play with it.

As I was making it, I was counting the points of the whole pot, and it was 4 for the two eggs, 10 for the oil, and 2 for the corn flour. 16 points for a whole pot that has at least 4 generous servings!

So now, don't go thinking I woke up this morning and because it was 6 am and I was way too tired, I did not jump of the bed to go weigh myself. Of course I went! And you won't believe it, but they were even kinder this morning. 90.2!!! And I still got 3 days to go with today :) So that means that I have a great big chance to be in the oh so beloved 89 point summat again :)

Right, now I got to get ready and go work some :) Then there are some appointments, then there is the chiro, then back home, then tomorrow and Sunday the marathon, then Monday is me birthday, then Tuesday is more blogging and more work and my therapy session, then Wednesday is another chiro appointment and more work, then omg...Thursday Feb 3!!! We'll be on a plane at 9 am and in Amsterdam by noon local time!!!!!!!!!

I am getting VERY excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Argy at 9:09 am
Blogger pjmarty said...

I wonder if all my back pains are related to what weight I have lost? Maybe I should go and check it out too???

thanks for your support too Argy, means alot

11:06 am

Blogger airlie said...

i hope that your baby is better soon! i have never been to the chiro - might need to lose some more weight for my back to start hurting before i need to go. hehe! I think i will have to come over to your house one day and have you make that dish because it sounds fantastic but I am the worst cook in the world!!!!

12:51 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Monday - in case I don't remember then!! Good to see you happy my dear.


10:24 pm

Blogger MrsB said...

OH, It's your birthday on Monday?? Happy birthday Argy!!
Interesting about your weight-loss being related to your back probs... personally I hope I never have to see a chiropractor as I am too embarassed about getting my gear off... maybe when I am MUCH closer to goal.

11:54 pm

Blogger Denise said...

OK, first, tell Angelos that you will not be toting your shopping bags around...HE will! LOL. Second, Happy Birthday!!! :)

3:35 am

Blogger ms ralph said...

I can't believe how soon it is. Wow. I'm excited for you.

7:04 am


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