Saturday, January 29, 2005
The Body is a Sanctuary
I am back from my first day in the marathon. And once more, but more than any other time, I stand in awe in front of the Body.

I can tell you with all my sincerity, all my honesty, and with my heart still wide open from today's experience, that the Body knows. The Body feels. The Body reacts. The Body decides. But most of all, the Body remembers.

It remembers all the hurt, all the trauma, all the pleasure, all the happiness, all the joy, all the needs, all the love. And unless we get rid of our so called wise and structured thinking, we stand no chance in freeing the body and letting do its wise Job.

The Body remembers when we were 2 weeks old and we were looking at our mother's eyes while breastfeeding for this vital for us then connection. It remembers that her eyes were not there. Or that they were there for us to feel security.

The Body remembers what the mind supresses. And shows all these. In the way it evolves. Or in the way it refuses to evolve.

Because our bodies are destined for one thing and one thing only. Pleasure. Happy cells jumping from free energy do not get sick. Happy cells full of life constantly moving, reacting, exchanging do not succumb to reformation that alters their essence. Happy cells do not know stiffness. Happy cells do not know stress
Without the Body we do not exist. Without the mind we continue to live. But the Body is our essence

I am a woman with 20 kilos of excess fat because my body remembers. And asks. And needs. And I have been too scared to give to it. And too reluctant sometimes. Like then. That the body remembers too well. When I was afraid of all the juices running. And supressed. And substituded. But the body is here to remind me. With its nice or tough way.

And I cannot but thank it. And seriously take the decision to honour it! Because I am still in awe. And I am still extremely thankful. For the Body.

Posted by Argy at 8:54 pm
Blogger ms ralph said...

I am constantly in awe of our body as well. Good for you on doing this.

11:50 pm

Blogger Denise said...

What a wonderful post, Argy - I can just feel the happy humming of your cells from here! :)

2:03 am

Blogger airlie said...

at first i thought this was a post about elle macpherson, but realized it is about seretonin. Your English always astounds me! I am with you though - if i could get my brain to follow what my body wants i would be one happy, and thin, camper.

3:05 am

Blogger kimba said...

Hello gorgeous, just catching up on the last couple of days. Sounds like the marathon is really inspiring you, that's great! And well done on making it through Detox (by the time you read this I think you'll be finished, right?) Fingers crossed to see 89.x on the scales before you go to Amsterdam. I think it's great that you're planning what you're going to do next (in terms of weightloss and exercise) so that you can get right into it after your holiday. Seeing a dietician is a great idea and I can certainly personally advocate the wonders of going to the gym ;)

And a very Happy Birthday wish for tomorrow [just in case I don't get to tell you again by the morning] - Brightest Blessings to you and may this year bring all your heart (and Body) desires ;)

5:43 am


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