Monday, January 24, 2005
Day 15 - and a taste that helps weight loss
After my behaving like a windwhirl yesteday, with all the work in the balcony, the cooking for A., the almost done closet, and especially after walking so much and such a fast pace, I was mighty hungry after 6.30 in the evening.

I was talking to myself out loud for an hour, saying, I want meat, I want to eat a mixed grill, I want pizza, I want pita gyros, I want curry, I want spring rolls and won tons, I want pasta with prawns and tomato, I want fusilli with basil pesto, I want chocolate, and the likes, I watched a cook show in TV. Now this is one great show, where the guy travels all over Greece and once a month he goes to Europe too, and does all kind of traditional cooking, which is my great big love.

That made me feel even hungrier and decided to have my salad for dinner before Angelos actually came home from work.

When he came, I was still ravenous after eating the salad. He was ravenous too and asked for food the instant he came home. I had cooked for him beef steak in tomato sauce and home made pasta all in one pot, with butter and red wine and big chunks of parmezan cheese melted in. I was telling him how each of his forkfulls would feel in my mouth. Poor man felt so sorry for me that asked me if I wanted to eat something. And I started again. I want pepperoni pizza, I want pita gyros, I want spring rolls and won tons, I want basil pesto pasta, pasta with prawns, etc...etc...

He took me for a walk. Bad choise. That made me even hungrier. Sofia called so we went over. Bad choise too.Because they had some friends over before us for coffee, and they had brought a ton of sweets. A lemon pie, double chocolate chip cookies, baklava, and brownies. They were all still displayed in the coffee table right in front of me!

I think I drove them all crazy. I was whinning all the time about how hyngry I was, how I wanted to eat, what I wanted to eat, what I could cook, etc. At some point I remember Sofia said...oh go order something and eat and shut up! lol

But then, since they are leaving for Amsterdam on this Thursday - they go a week before us :( - she was saying how she is going to write everything down for me to make my shopping easier when I go after them. The whole conversation developed around Amsterdam. What I was hoping to buy, where we would eat, what we would do, etc. That sort of eased my madness about food. But seriously, I was not mad only, I was sincerely and genuinely hungry.

And then it happened. I became a windwhirl again. I took the car keys, and went home, telling them I will come back with a surprise.

When I was organizing my closet earlier, I found a bag with a pair of olive green trousers and a light blue corduroy skirt I had, that I liked too much and had saved to take to the dress maker to take them in. But never actually got to it. Both were worn last year in Amsterdam.

So I put the trousers on, the skirt on top, and went back.

Both pieces of clothing could literaly fall down to my hips if I was not holding them. So I went there and made a whole performance of me then and me now, and I did some naughty funny things and that magically calmed my hunger!

Because my mouth and heart and soul filled with the taste of naughty success. Naughty in the way of feeling giggly and bubbly and wonderful about this achievement.

Now that is a taste I like while loosing weight. Don't you?

This morning the scales did not reward my restrain however. I am still 90.6. But I would have been 91.6 or more if I had not restrained, and this is what matters!

Posted by Argy at 11:13 am
Blogger Kimba said...

Wow so many posts in such a short time! I'm so glad that Spring is coming for you - before you know it, summer will arrive! how good will that be.

I love the word 'thinification', I think that it's fantastic that last year's Amsterdam clothes are falling off you! Well done, my lady!

And yes, I do like that taste. Very much! ;)

12:24 pm

Blogger Shrinking Girl said...

Good for you!! Falling-off-you-too-big clothes are a wonderful feeling!!

8:08 pm

Blogger pjmarty said...

Argy - all that food and you resisted - I am impressed!!

10:03 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

I keep getting rid of my too big clothes. Currently there is a bag on a chair in my room that it seems every other day I'm folding something and sticking it in. It is a great feeling, except soon I am not going to have anything to wear at all. :( Oh, and I felt so sorry for you reading about your hunger. Sometimes when we are hungry we really need to eat, could you not eat some veggies or something? But I am proud that you resisted the bad sweets. That is amazing. Good for you.

10:31 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi... I am sorry I have been a bit slack in reading all my online friends journals lately - just been so damn busy! BUT pleased to hear that you doing so well at the moment. You are so postive and that is rubbing off on us all.
Take care and I will keep in touch


10:12 am


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