Thursday, January 27, 2005
Day 18
I feel silly. I really do. I made such a big issue of my gain, while, apparently, Angelos was right. My reasoning was right too. I had a water gain. I was ovulating. Because the scales today are magically back to 90.7. In a day. In less than a day actually. They were 90.8 last evening when I returned home from work. To find my man lying in the sofa like a 5 year old with a fever of 39.3 and achy bones. Aren't men so funny when they get sick?

I have not slept well at all, since he was sweating and changing clothes all night. "Honey, will you bring me another Tshirt?" was ringing in my ears all night. Mind you, the tshirts are just an arm's length away from his side of the bed!

Plus we have been both awake since 6 am. I made him breakfast, fresh orange juice, a power vitamin C drink of 2 propoline tablets, toast with butter and honey, tea with cinammon and honey, warm lemon juice with honey, and a nice extra strong Panadol for the fever. Plus his homeopathy pill. Lotsa pills indeed. lol It always takes a lot more effort in this household to get better, since none of us takes antibiotics or other "western" meds. So I prepared his breakfast tray, sacrifised my one and only red rose from my pot, served him with a smile, bathed him because he was drenched in sweat, changed his clothes, tackled him back to bed, and I can hear him now complaining that I am telling my internet friends of what a cry baby he is when he is sick, instead of lying next to him holding his hand. I tell you, men are such cry babies when they get sick!

So, as you can see, I managed to get on my 18th day. Intact. Besides the hystericl fit I threw the last couple of days. I saw my therapist yesterday and he said that it is part of the process. Deprivation causes this and others too. He also said that when I left the other day from the joined session with my holistic, they were gossiping me. They said that I had picked a very "wrong" season to do this. Detox such hard as I am doing is a spring thing. Not a winter one. But I was so determined to loose the extra holiday kilos that Yannis (the holistic) thought I would better try and do this instead of a low card or any other fad. My therapist told him that I would make it to the end without falling. Yannis were not that sure. I am proud I proved him right and Yannis wrong.

Having 4 more days to go seem like a game now. And it also makes me a bit scared. See I finish on Sunday. This weekend is another marathon in therapy. Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm. My cup of tea. With a great theme too. How to release our hidden potential. I simply cannot wait! When I was leaving my therapist's office yesterday, right when I was in the door, he called me back and said " know you are a completely different woman now, don't you?" The look in his eyes was priceless. Like a proud father.

But I am still a bit scared. Because, although a completely different woman in many aspects, I am still an all or nothing type when it comes to food. I still have to find the equillibrium. Perhaps this is the hidden potential I will be seaking this weekend in the marathon. However it's my birthday on Monday. There will be people over, food will be cooked, and a birthday cake has to be here to host my 36 canddles. And then, 3 days after it will be Amsterdam.

Eating local foods while traveling is such a big part of the whole traveling experience for me. The tastes of different countries tell me so much about the hearts of people, about the geography, the culture, the weather. I always return from trips with spices, recipes, and other local goodies. Last year we brought so many different kinds of cheeses from Amsterdam. And I am not a big cheese lover. But hery, Holland is cheese, and we had to bring some back! Then I cooked a big Dutch dinner for our friends and simblings (yes, Angelos has a brother indeed, single, 34 years old, equally gorgeous - some say they look like twins - and unequally nice when it comes to girls unfortunately) and shared photos and the likes.

I am thinking I will go with the dietgirl's advice for my summer holidays. Eat a healthy breakfast, and have one fancy meal a day, dinner more likely, since we will be shopping all day :) And the hotel we will be staying for the first 4 days is a good 50 minutes walk from downtown, so I have made everyone promise we will walk back.

The plans have changed so many times! I have booked and cancelled rooms 3 times! The dates are always the same, we leave on the 3rd and return on the 8th. But remember my congress last fall? Well the vice president of the European Association of Body Psychotherapy is dutch and had invited me to stay over his house. Which I accepted.But had to cancel the rooms I had already cancelled once since the first dates cancelled. Then these friends of ours are coming from the 4 to the 6th. And they found this fancy hotel. And insisted on staying together. And Angelos loves hotels and long buffet breakfasts. So he persuaded me to cancel the invite and stay in the hotel. So I booked it for the whole stay. And then I thought that since our friends are leaving on Sunday, we could move to this guy's house, which is totally downtown in Dam Square, which will be easier for the last days shopping escapades. And this is what we are doing. I just got the ok in the amendement I did in our hotel bookings. Oh, check out the hotel if youwant, seems soooooo nice

Ok...I think I been bubblier than bubbly. I am going to go play nurse for a little before I get ready for work :)

Thank you for making me hold the last three days with the bad scales and the detox. If it wasn't for you, I would have fallen. I just could not bring myself to eat anything else and let you down. You had faith in me and I wanted you to feel that I honoured this. And I really did!

Posted by Argy at 8:58 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh if only I could say that I too never ate anything bad this week! How wonderful that you have stuck to your plan and lost weight - well done you!

12:18 pm

Blogger kimba said...

Yes. Men ARE such cry babies when they're sick, heh.

Day 18! You're almost finished! Only 3 days to go right? I'm so proud of you :)

Amsterdammmmm...Boooots...I'm excited and I'm not even going! hahaha.

1:12 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

argy! i always smile reading your entries, you have the cutest turn of phrase. i can't wait to see what you bring back from amsterdam! i forgot about that summer holiday advice... hope it works for ya :)

3:28 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

Oh I'm so happy for you that you really didn't have a gain. And, I know it is hard, but I had to go off diet when I was in the US a few months ago. I came back and just started from where I was. It is hard, but you may drive yourself nuts if you don't let yourself eat and enjoy it.

10:18 pm

Blogger Denise said...

OK, once I've lost all of my weight and am 135 pounds, I'm going to come over and meet Angelos' brother and then I can live nearby and we will be sister-in-laws! LOL

10:46 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have been so strong, I know you'll be able to find a 'happy medium' when the time comes. Not long to go now, and you have come so far already (just ask your DH - he's such a darling to do that for you! but you deserve it of course!)
Enjoy Amsterdam and the boots mmmmmmmmm boots........

remember, living well is the best revenge

10:51 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! congrats on doing so well for 18 days, not long to go now then you can celebrate (and shop). heck you might hit the 80s!!! I'll cross my fingers for you.


3:59 am


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