Thursday, February 10, 2005
And the list of things bought is:
4 pairs of boots: a pair of brown cowboy boots, a pair of brown boots where you can get your trousers in, a pair of black boots knee high (!!) and a pair of brown sporty suede boots.
Also, while we are still in shoes, I got a pair of boxing shoes, brown with black, that I can tie all the way up!!!

4 pairs of trousers: a cotton summery turquise one, a grey pair of trousers, a black curduroy one, and a brown/black one (do you use the term fishbone?) all size 16 !!!!!

A skirt which is magnificent and unexplainable so I will have to show you!

2 suit jackets: a black with satin colars and a black pin striped

7 tops: 2 black sweaters, a green long sleeved tshirt, 2 more long sleeved tshirts, both white, one has black sleeves and the other has burgundy sleeves, a black shirt with beige pin stripes and a white shirt

2 jackets: a black one and a cream one, you know the really fluffy jackets that look like duvets and are not long but do not make me look like an arctic bear anymore?!

And Angelos got me a magnificent red leather coat for my birthday, short to my knee and oh so beautiful too!!!

And we also bough a very long black suede unisex coat to share, which could have been a size smaller, but was on special sale for 80 euros and we just could not resist! Plus it has a belt so it looks cool with the belt tied up :)

The suitcases are still undone! The boots are scattered all over the house. Souvenirs are all over the place! We are both way too tired! And having to go to work yesterday was disasterous for both of us!!! It is 10.04 now and I cannot be bothered to go shower, yet I have to! And I also got my period about a couple of hours ago and that means craaaaaaamps!!!!

I got so many things to tell you, about food, thoughts, feelings, images, and so many stories too!!! But for now this is all I have time to write (actually I am stealing time to write this...hehe) Perhaps if it is not as crazy as yesterday at work, I will be able to give you the food chapter!

Have I said I have really missed you?!

Posted by Argy at 9:43 am
Blogger Angel said...

I missed you too!!!! so glad u r back!!! i can;t wait to hear all about it. sounds like you got somw awesome clothes chicky!!!

12:10 pm

Blogger kimba said...

Welcome back! I really missed you too. Sounds like you had a fabulous time!

Well done on the shopping - FOUR pairs of boots!?!?! that's magnificent. And a red leather coat! Oh my goodness, you lucky thing! I'd kill for a red leather coat (actually I've been planning to get one made next time we go to Bali - in a real dark red, almost burgundy)

I want to see photos of everything, of course :)

Hugs and Kisses!

12:12 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did you manage all that shopping? I can NEVER shop when I go away as Stu refuses to shop and I am hopeless on my own. I am good with my daughter but just don't know on my own. I find that a very sad thing about me. I went to Europe for a month and bought absolutely nothing. mmm... mind you my bag was so heavy I knew if I bought anything that I'd have to lug it all the way back to New Zealand!

Glad you had a wonderful time, Lynda

12:45 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back, sweet Argy! We all missed you, too.

I love your shopping list. How wonderful! Sounds as if you had a great time. Can't wait to hear more about it.


2:09 pm


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