Sunday, January 23, 2005
ok...I verified it!!!!
Buds girlfriends! Buds everywhere!!!! I went to the mountain and it is happening!!! It is cold, it is windy, but Spring is really emerging!!!! I went to the mountain and I walked and felt and touched and I am sure now! While everyone thinks there is still long time before winter ends, I saw the buds!!! I touched them with my very fingers!!! Oh yes, tenderly, but I touched them!!! And now, I promise you, I am going to tidy up my closet!!!!!
(and I walked for an hour too ... briiiiiiiiiiiskly!!!!)
(told you I was going to add yet another post today...hehehe)

Posted by Argy at 2:49 pm
Blogger Emma said...

Every time I read you blog I come away feeling all happy and smiley :D It's fantastic! Not sure about Spring yet though, it's all frosty here :)

Happy Sunday, and good luck with your closet ;)

3:14 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh you crazy chick!! lol, you always make me smile too.

One thing though - if you are getting spring then we will be getting autumn and I don't feel like we have even had summer yet!


1:41 am

Blogger airlie said...

i am in a very hot summer so i can't relate but that's ok! I am so envious of your little vege/herb patch. I think that I might make building one, one of my goals because I absolutely LOVE fresh food! That is one reason why I hate renting because I can't dig up the garden and do a little patch but you have inspired me to buy some pots and get on with it!

1:41 am

Blogger Tracy said...

I was just catching up on blogs - I have to say that you are wesome, you know that? So compassionate, warm, giving and yet strong minded and full of curiousness towards life. I am so envious of your spa pampering day! But you totally deserve some pampering you beautiful thing :) Have a great week!!

9:20 am

Blogger ms ralph said...

It sounds like you had a great day. You make me smile.

9:58 am


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