Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Day 10 - Pleasure
I am still so flattered by you all! Thank you!

So yesterday I had the bestest session in my holistic med EVER! I called him in the morning and he gave me an appointment at 8 in the evening, cos he was full all day and could not squeeze me in earlier. But he is such a sweetheart and stayed longer so he could see me.

Now his office is right nextdoors to my therapist. Actually, it is funny, because I started seeing him before I started therapy. I met my therapist a year later or so. Yannis - the holistic med - had suggested Body Psychotherapy when we first met, but I was not ready at teh time. Then another friend suggested Panayotis to me (my therapist). A couple of years ago, I saw Yannis outside Panayotis office, and I was surprised. Apparently those two are close friends - and also cooperate in business - and Yannis was there to see the flat next to my therapist because it was a better area.

Anyway, last night when I went to yannis, Panayotis was finishing, so I saw him on his way out. I had a small talk with him, and then Yannis got out, and he asked me to wait for a sec cos he had something to discuss with Pan. And guess what! They offered me a joined session! I pay 60 euros to each for a session, and they said that for 80 I could have them both for an hour. Who was I to resist?!

It was a revellation. They both consentrated on my body. Now, please don't laugh with what I will say. Because I know you will find it bizzare. All my friends and Angelos find it totally weird. Then some friends go to Yannis and they all go ... Ahhhhh....Amazing....You were right! lol

The way he examines is very peculiar. He can tell you everything by looking at your tongue. Then he makes you lay down on your back, stands behind your head, take your hands, mummbles some stuff, moves your hands in certain ways. This way he asks your body of what it wants and needs in terms of herbs, food, procedure. Then he follows with either accupuncture, or crystals, or aromatherapy, or massage, or or or.

But yesterday it was incredible. Because with the help of my therapist, my body reacted so much more intensely.

See there was always an issue of pleasure with me. I was a very sensual baby, and I discovered my sexuality very early. Apparently my parents freaked out, and out of their anxiety to protect me from the big bad wolf, they did their best to supress it. This is how food became an almost erotic pleasure and a definete erotic substitude. And I think this is also the reason I am cooking that well. My husband usually teases me and says about me casually, especially when we have friends at home who say "oh god you cook so wonderfully". His response is always the same: "Argyro cooks? Argyro does not know how to cook. She simply makes love to the pot!" lol

There is always a pattern when I am on diet. I think this is why Weight Watchers worked so well for me in the beginning. I was left with 24 points to do whatever I wanted. I was free to create. Too strict diets never worked for me. And I mean strict in the sense of being allowed to consume only certain foods. This is why low carb diets also killed me.

There is also the issue of forbitten pleasures too. Tell me that I am not allowed to eat something, and it be fish that I detest, I will crave fish.

I will not go into too many more details. But I got the results of yesterdays session to report:

1. My body is detoxing so much faster than last year. Which means that I have been eating well. The organic stuff we been eating at home have prooved to be treasures for my body. In 9 days it did the work it took it 21 days to do last year.

2. There is still stuff to clean inside me. But my body was resisting because it was in a stubborn mode due to me denying it pleasure again. They explained that the gain of 5.8 kilos is such a short amount of time was the tension created in my body by constantly eating without actually giving it time to "tell" me what it wants. I was " do you know?" lol. Cos it was exactly like that. Remember I told you during that time that I would open the freeze and eat whatever in site and then realised that I do not want to it that particular flavour so I would eat again?

3. So I will still be in detox till January 30, when I finish the 21 days. But he changed my plan. Which is sooooo much better! Here it is:

Breakfast: Apples (yay...raw ones...not boiled!!!)
Lunch: A sellection of at least 3 of the following fruits: apples, pears, mangos, dry prunes, dry papaya, dry figs
Dinner: Green salad (woooooooooohoooooooo) with olive oil and apple vinegar. Balsamic is still forbitten since it contains a lot of sugar due to the big amount of must it has in it. Plus a couple of rye rusks.
There are some greens I cannot have and they are cardamon, coliander, and every root veggie besides one raw beetroot I should grade into the salad. I can live without carrots thank you very much. Oh, and I cannot have green apples, just red ones, especially in the salad. Nor seedy veggies like tomatoes.

You cannot imagine my pleasure as I was preparing my salad last night. And I was moaning orgasmic moans as I was eating it. I broke the rusks in small pieces and added them in the salad and omg!!!! It was heaven!!!

And. remember, when I weighed yesterday the scales showed 93.6. 300 gr more than on Monday. And I said that it was probably my body playing with its fluids due to my period.

Well, today I weighed in again. I don't really mind this kind of playing with fluids. Because the scales read a gorgeous 92.3! Now this was a happy body my darlings!!!

And I have a great hair day too...hehehe

Posted by Argy at 10:12 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

heheh you are a foxy gal. well done! (dg)

11:58 am

Blogger Kimba said...

Hey that's great that both your practitioners could see you together for a joint session. Lucky you! The new eating plan sounds a lot more 'enjoyable' too.

And yay for good hair days!

12:15 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

I am so glad you had a success. And I appreciate your kind words so much. Really, I so needed to hear that. ((hugs))

1:12 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Oh Sweetheart, I feel quilty since I think I called you Greek Goddess... Let's all be Goddesses - like Mia Goddess signs her e-mails "Mia Goddess - becaus aren't we all" - that's the spirit!
Good work on detox - what was the idea of boiling the apples in the first place anyway...?

4:26 pm

Blogger BlueLotus said...

Congrats and good luck on your weight loss! I myself am on a journey to lose 50 lbs. Wish me luck!

4:40 pm

Blogger Denise said...

I'm so proud of you, Argy! It has to be tough to be as disciplined as you are about your eating, but when it works so well, it's worth all of the effort. :)

5:54 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Argy

That sounds so great about the double session with the therapists. And a good hair day - you're having all the luck in the world!! Can you please send your photos through to me again as I didn't seem to receive them and I would love to see some before and after shots as well as put a face to the blog that I read daily.

Thanks again


12:50 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phew.. so glad you finally get to eat your salad! I can't understand why you could not do that before? Never mind before long you'll be having the balsamic vinegar as well! You are doing really well, soon you will be in the 80s.

4:41 am


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