Monday, January 17, 2005
Day 8
I was way too hungry yesterday too. Not hungry just for volume. Mainly hungry for taste. My taste buds have been seriously complaining for the lack of variety. And that makes me moody and cranky. Now this plate with a dash of PMS was mainly how my Sunday was.

But I managed. I have aquired the sick habbit of reading about food, watching over and over the Jamie Oliver cooking dvd's, and discuss about new reciepes with Angelos. I also cooked for him a three course meal yesterday. And for some weird reason only my peculiar soul knows, this was comforting. And this made me hold into my plan. And also this helped me to smoke only 10 smokes yesterday.

This morning, I decided to get on the scales. Although I am having a very intense period, with lotsa cramps, bloatness and excess bleeding ('xcuse me being so graphic) I thought I should have the week's result. Monday to Monday, right?

So it is 93.3 today, which means a loss of 2.5 kilos. Well done for the hard work I reckon. (btw, in the post where I said that I'd start the detox in 94.8, this number was a typpo - or a wishful typpo I might add - since the start weight was 95.8) I realised the typpo yesterday, when I read through this week's posts to add up all the smokes I had for the week.

And I have been also very good and spend lotsa time and got piccies for you, scanned already!

Now, as you have probably realised, I am an all or nothing type. And after almost 9 months with this blog and no picture at all, today I have come with something like 15 of them.

I will start emailing them now to the ones I have the emails of.

Guess what girlies...the greek finally has a face!

Posted by Argy at 10:48 am
Blogger airlie said...

am i on your email list for pics? I hope so ( Well done on the fantastic loss - you are right - you deserved this one. If only for the 5:30am starts!!!!!

11:34 am

Blogger Tracy said...

Oo can't wait for the pic! I'll try to smarten up enough to be able to send one for you in reply :)
I have a sick habit of reading and watching food too! My favorite channel is BBC food (especially Jamie and Nigella), and I just bought Jamie Oliver's Cookbook! DH says that those food programs are the reason for me always being hungry (look who's talking...) ;)

1:54 pm

Blogger pjmarty said...

hey geek, can I have a photo? LOL

seriously though, it would be nice to put a face to the name. If you want to my email address is



10:28 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd dearly love to see the face that matches the inspiring woman!!

11:00 pm

Blogger LisaB said...

Well done on the loss, my dear!! Especially when you are doing so well with the smoking too :)
I would love to see your pics too, please.

11:29 pm

Blogger sagaboy said...

hey Argy. yea, i know i only comment sporadically, but i read yur blog every day, and i would love to see your pix. my email is:
Thank you!!

11:41 pm

Blogger Mish said...

Hi Argy

Can I please see your pics too? My email is

Thanks heaps and great work on the detox!


12:22 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are working sooooooooo hard, I'm so glad you are seeing the results on the scales. You go girl (and well done for cooking for your man, now that's devotion!)

remember, living well is the best revenge

12:42 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, I do truly hope I get to see the face of the greek goddess. :)

Just in case you need my email:


1:42 am

Blogger Denise said...

And a very beautiful face it is, too - now I know where the expression "Greek goddess" came from! :)

1:49 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And don't forget a picture for me!!

email is: (or any other email address I might have given you...)


4:03 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow... how far you have come from the "big" photo! You are exactly as I thought you would look, funny isn't it! I love especialy the "fishnet" pic... very sexy. I can understand why you want to look like that again.

Thank you very much for sharing these with us - its just wonderful to put a face to you and yes, I will be coming to Athens to see you one day.


7:36 am

Blogger Kimba said...

Hey sexy, well I already told you by email how gorgeous you are but I will say it again here, YOU'RE GORGEOUS. Thanks so much for sending me the pics, now I will recognise you when I meet you in Lemnos one Greek Summer! hehehe.

12:57 am


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