Saturday, January 22, 2005
Day 13
I weighed in as soon as I woke up, because I woke up feeling "thin". I usually wait a little before weighing in. I have my coffee with a couple of smokes, then go to the tolette, then weigh in. But as I woke up I felt my stomach and I thought ... oh this is smaller now...let's

Crazy greek dieter I am! But the good news is that I weighed and the nice scales showed me 90.6! This is all the incentive I need for a good weekend. I am not going to even think of eating anything else than what I am supposed to eat, because hey, if it goes on like this, by Monday I will be in the 80's!

Also, I can feel this eating plan is working so much more intensely in my body than the previous one of boiled rice - vegies and baked veggies. The stuff that is getting out of my body is amazing! I pee all the time, and I have about 2.5 lt of water at the most, when I usually have more than 4 lt, and I go to the toilette at least 3 times a day! Where does my body finds all this crap I am amazed. All day I am just eating about 4 apples, a big green salad, and 2 rye rusks! And olive oil! Soooo much olive oil! I think the only thing I totally adore about this detox is the huge amounts of olive oil I can have. Actually the other day I counted the points of olive oil I am having in my salad. 20...can you believe it?! 20 points worth of olive oil daily and still loose about .5 kg a day!

I know that this is coming off so fast because it is so recently aquired. But I simply like it!

The spa yesterday wsa good. Not superb, but good. The spa itselt actually was superb. Very calm and new age. I enjoyed my facial and manicure and pedicure very much. And the jacuzzi and the hamam too. But the massage was not as good as I anticipated. First, the masseur was the kind of person who talks to you sweetly and calls you in your first name and asks about work and life and I just don't like that. I like quiet massages with soft music and earthy scented oils. Then he had a cold. And he was sneazing at the very exact moment that I ws drifting. Then I'd calm again and right when I was drifting he would cough. I think Angelos jinxed When I told him the day before yesterday that I am having a man massaging me he said "A MAN?! But my friend told me he is having a woman massasing him!"

Actually Angelos is funny lately. He does weird stuff like casually buttoning another button of my shirt while we are in the elevator, saying, oh honey it is very humid utside, you don't want to catch a cold, or when we get home together in the evening after work he asks me "did you have many appointments today?" and when I answer 'no, none" he will then ask...oh...then why you are so well dressed, etc. I enjoy the extra attention so much and tease him mercilessly about his newly aquired shade

I have an appointment at the hairdresser's at 1.00 to have my hair dyed (is this correct english?) Nothing extravvagant, just my natural colour applied to cover the dreadful whites. I have so many grey hair now! Then I'll see a friend for a nice coffee - gossip combo, and then I'll do my grocery shopping!

But before that, I am going to walk 4 km in the treadmill. In honour of runner Kimba. This woman is a constant source of amazement. Go all to and give her a big round of applause for her remarkable achievement to go from 10 minutes running to 30 in a day!

More tomorrow. But before I go, I want to thank you all for your comments concerning my friend. You made me feel so much better and you calmed me down a lot because I was so very sad. I am not feeling guilty for progressing while he is not. I have taken my decision the hard way. I went through a lot of soul searching and sould bearing, I cried rivers in my therapist to reach the point I am at currently, and guilt is not a feeeling I have. I am only so sorry. When I said that he and I are so much alike, I mainly meant it in the way that his issues are almost identical to mine. I know this man for 23 years. That long we have been close. We even dated for a few months when we were 16 or something. It drives me mad that he would rather give up on himself, because in every other aspect of his life he is such a fighter! Right...stop me...I got 4 km to walk fast now!

Posted by Argy at 9:27 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's so hard to accept that someone won't change unless they want to, not matter what you do to encourage. sad... but sounds like you have been a brilliant friend to him and that's all you can do.. xxox good luck on the treadmill and well done with the detox! (dg)

8:31 pm

Blogger pjmarty said...

Oh gross, imagine being sneezed on when you are trying to have a relaxing massage. I am like you, I need the silence, that is why I am there to just chill. I hate it when they try to sell you products - do they do that with you? It drives me nuts!!!

10:21 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

0.5 a day! I would love 0.5 a week. Congrats, sounds like it is really working for you. How long is the detox for again?

12:37 am

Blogger kimba said...

Way to go on your detox loss - almost an 80's girl, woohoo! I'm glad it's working for you, you sound so happy and energised :) How did your 4km walk go?

What a shame about the massage. I'm trained as a Remedial Massage Therapist and there's no way I'd give a massage if I was unwell - apart from the lack of professionalism (sneezing all over you? UGH) it's really unhygienic - the last thing you want is to spread your germs to your clients! And talking is a big no-no too. We were trained to only talk if the client wanted to (i.e if they started it!). I'm sure his boss wouldn't like to hear that he was being so annoying!

That's so funny about Angelos, my DH has been making comments like that too. He's worried about what I'm going to get up to while he's in Jakarta, because I told him I'm going clubbing with my girlfriend one night, heh. It's good to keep these men a little bit green! :)

Oh and thanks for the compliments *blush*

1:15 am


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