Sunday, January 23, 2005
I found out The Big Secret !!!
Procrastinating the aforementioned closet, I thought of doing a load of launtry first. So as I went to the back balcony to hang the clothes, I looked at my pots and saw the abandonment. Our house has two balconies, one on the north side, where the bedroom and my study are, and one in the south, where the living and dinning room are. Those are long balconies but not wide as I would like. On the back one, since it gets all the sun, in the spring I put veggies in pots. Peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, and all kinds of herbs: basil, mint, spearmint, rocket, drill, parsley, thyme, sage, marjory, rosemary, and oreganon (which fresh is a whole new experience in cooking). And two big pots of strawberries. The pots are too many for our narrow balcony, which makes it a pain to hang the clothes, or even walk from one side tot he other without having to slalom between the pots.

But since the madness in September - December, all the pots have been abandoned. Lots of dry plants of toms and other veggies, tons of weeds, a real disgrace for green fingered me. Plus too many runners hanging from the strawberry plants that needed some soil soon or else they'd die! So I decided to clean the pots from the old plants, make some room for the runners, and have some space for the bulbs I'll bring from Amsterdam. last year I brought 10 kilos of bulbs!!! Which I put in the veggie pots. Because the space is too little for all the plants I want to have, I use the same pots for the seasonals. last year I put the bulbs in the pots I used for veggies in the spring. Then the tulips and narcisus and crocuses and amaryllises died in April, so I put there the veggies. You get the picture. So as I was unrooting the old dead toms, I saw HER! I became too excited and proceeded to clean the strawberry pots from weeds and cut the runners. And I saw HER again! I checked all the pots one by one, and SHE was everywhere!!!

Spring is coming my dearests! Secretly. In this cold windy day I saw her! There are blossoms forming in the strawberry plants!!!! The old bulbs that I thought dead are shooting small leaves emerging from the soil!!! Beautiful green edges hidden by the weeds all this time!!!! I went in the front balcony. Where I have the flowers. The sun there does not get that much, but hey! My jasmine had buds! So did my bougamvillea! And my gardenia. And my camelia! And so many others still!!!!!

I am feeling so happy I had to come and tell you. I feel life all around me. Miracles destined to happen. If in this cold windy day (7 C and 16km/h) I saw blossoms in my strawberry plants this is only the proof.

Srping always follows after the cold dark days. The day will only get brighter and warmer. This is the course of life and there is no doubt about it! So much like us all, in the winter of our extra kilos! By leading the natural path of eating healthy and moving like people used to, we will soon live the Spring of new better us! And with foxy clothes too ;)

I tell you. I am ecstatic! But then...there is the aforementioned closet too!

Posted by Argy at 11:53 am

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