Sunday, January 23, 2005
Day 14
I woke up at 6.50 am on a Sunday. How very silly this is! Especially when I wake up at 7.30 - 8.00 on weekdays and feel like sleeping till noon! I could not sleep more. We slept very early last night, around 11 it must have been, so it is natural to wake up that early, still very annoying. Especially since Angelos has already left for work and I feel already very bored!

Angelos has been working a lot lately. This weekend the exam of the candidate driving instructors started and he has 5 of them. These are tough exams, because all canditates get tested in all vehicles and then have the written exams. This weekend they get tested on motorcycles. So he woke up at 5.30 yesterday and today. He was spent when he arrived at home at 6.30 in the evening. But I was in such a good mood, that I managed to keep him awake and "fully entertained" till we were both spent at 11.00 ;)

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I went to the hairdresser's, then met a girlfriend, had serious talk and silly talk too, then went grocery shopping, then came home, cooked a great meal for A. and then prepared the living room to wait for him. I lit all the canddles and then some I am crazy about canndle light. I want them everywhere! Thank god for tea canddles cos I can play with them in tenths and not worry about the cost too much. Then I had a long bath, put on his favourite undies, a new satin night gown, lighted some scented oils in the oil burner, prepared a long bath for him, and oh was this the night :)

Lots of last night had to do with the spa and the hairdresser's and the talk I had with my girlfriend. I will tell you why.

In the spa, I was not self consious. When I got in the reception desk, they gave me a bag with a great white bathrobe, a bathtowel, and plastic slippers. I was then guided to the showers, was given a key to a locker, and was asked to change and put my bathing suit on to start with the jacuzzi - sauna - hamam. There were about 4 other women in there, all slim and about my age or younger. I went in, said hello, got underessed, put on the bathing suit, and left. It was only after I was soaking well into the jacuzzi that I realised I was feeling great! For the first time in years I did not feel ashamed to remove my clothes in front of other slim women! The bathrobe fitted excellently. It was an one - size one!

Then in the hairdresser's yesterday, they gave me this white robe too. For the first time in years this also fitted perfectly. It was not tight, nor it opened wide in my hips and thighs. And you know how the hair salons have mirrors everywhere. In the past, I would look at the mirror in front of me and feel ok. Then suddenly I would turn my head around and catch a glimpse of myself from the side and I'd feel hideous with what I'd see. But not yesterday. yesterday I felt surprised by the normality of my reflection in the mirrors. I was not thin. You know that. ou have seen But I was normally overweight. My arms were not looking the size of normal thighs like they used to!

Then I went to try a new perfume before meeting my gilfriend. And in the shop I saw someone I used to hang out with 5 years ago for a short period. He was a gay make up artist I had met in work, and for a short period of time due to a project I had at work - I met and hanged out with lotsa stylists and make up artists and hairdressers, all gay, all very amusing, but all oh so hysterical So I went to him and said...Hello is this Mr. Mallis? He said, yes this is me! I smiled and said hello. He said hello too, in this nice polite I-dunno-who-are-you way. I smiled some more and said Vassili? (his first name) And he said...yes...OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!ARGYRO????? Where the fuck is the REST of you??? You have lost the equivalent of a fucking teenager!!!! (And you know gay make up artists are way too exclamative too!!!) I laughed and laughed and told him that he exaggerates and that a teenager is way too much...but a first grader I might accept...hehehe

Then I met my girlfriend. I know her since she was 11, she used to be a friend of my brother's from the summer house. She is a couple of years younger, and you know when you are a teenager and you never hang out with your younger brother's friends! But the last 10 years she and I have become very close. She is a Body Psychotherapist too, actually she introduced me to my therapist who was her trainer. So I was telling her the incident in the perfume shop, cos she knew this guy too, and I was telling her about the robes in teh spa and hairdressers and she was laughing.

I told her that in the past I was petrified when I'd see myself in the mirrors, because I was perceiving myself a lot smaller than I was and I was in shock when I'd see a photo or a sudden glimpse of myself. I would feel that it was another person.

She explained me why. She said that our ethereal body needs 2 years to coordinate with any big change with our physical body. All the times I had gained weight, I had magically managed to gain extreme amounts of weight (30 to 60 kilos) in very short periods of time (12 to 20 months) and that my etheral body had not enough time to catch up with the big change. It still had the image of slimmer me. And that is why photos were such a shock to me. Whereas now, since this "thinification" (like me new word, I dont think it exists,,,lol) process has taken me 3 years, I have given myself the time to really comprehend and absorbe my real image. She also said that this is why an overweight person who looses a lot of weight in 6 months for example still feels fat and would not buy a tight shirt for instance because they think they are too big for such a thing. She said that if they manage to keep this weight off for 2 years, then there is accordance between the ethereal and physical body, and this brings harmony. She also asked me if I ever see a woman in the street that has a lot of extra weight and yet wears tights and a very fitted tshirt. She asked me if I ever wondered why she is dressing in a way that shows all her "extra" bits instead of trying to cover them. I said yes. She said that most of these women used to dress like this always, and have recently gained weight and they don't really "see" the big change in the mirror.

We said many more things, but I do not want to bore you more.

I weighed in 90.7 today. Fluids oh fluids playing I do not think I will be an 80's gal on Monday, but I don't care. I have lost almost all the dreadful weight I put on during the holidays, I remember I weighted at 90.2 the day before christmas eve, and at 95.8 on January 2 I think, so I am happy I am almost done with this gain. And I hope I will loose a couple of kilos more till the end of this detox on January 30, a day before my birthday :)

I just saw the time. It is 9 am and I have read all my fav blogs, have updated, and have already cooked for Angelos too! I have a clean house (Friday is the cleaning lady day), on Sunday all shops are closed in Greece, and I dunno what to do! I think I am going to go see my mom and dad. And walk some on the treadmill. And perhaps I will persuade myself to do the thing I hate the most. Tidy up my wardrobe closet. I hate doing this, but there are lots of clothes I am not wearing anymore and it pisses me off every morning to go through all those till I find what to wear. yes, perhaps I should do this, or else when I return from Amsterdam I will have NO space to put my new clothes in!!!!!

Have a great Sunday :)

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