Friday, January 14, 2005
Day Five
I ate according to the plan, smoked according to the plan, and drunk according to the plan too. I have no change in the numbers i the scale, but I am expecting my period in the next 2 - 3 days so it is only natural.

It is easier this time than the last one. I think the first week last year was so rough, I felt so deprived. A lot has probably to do with the fact that I did not know what to expect. To begin with, I did not expect weight loss. Mind you from the foods allowed, I was - and still am - eating big portions. The med had said eat as much as you need to satisfy your hunger. I used and still use a lot of olive oil in both the rice - veggies for lunch and the veggies in the evening.

But then, tomorrow is the weekend, and it is always a new challenge all by itself!

I went by Sofia's shop yesterday and got her to seriously consider the gym. She said that the owner of this gym is a client of her husband (I had no idea) and that perhaps she will get him to ask for a discount. I am also try to see if there are 3 -month subscriptions. It's always cheaper to buy a year, but perhaps this is a better option.

The summer before last I joined a gym and worked out religiously for 3 months. Cardio only, since that's what they gave me a program for. I would go every day. The hard part was waking up and taking the bus or a taxi there. And then I had to take a taxi to work too. This new gym we are considering has the metro stop right in it's front door, which is perfect for me to get to work, and Sofia will be picking me up in the morning, so it will be easy peasy in this way.

Then Sofia is a very competitive and silent gym person. Which is good because we will push each other.

But then I am also trying to get pregnant. Which means that if it happens, bye bye gym. But walking in a reasonable pace in the treadmill won't be bad. I am really trying to work things out financially so to keep the treadmill (and pay it off) and still go to the gym. Perhaps I should consider the monthly payments just for now, see how it goes.

I can feel the detox working on my body. I get tired and want to sleep so early every night. And I walked for 30 mins yesterday and at the end I felt I was going to faint!

I got a premiere to go to tonight and I am not too thrilled. But this play is only n hour long, so I hope I will be home before midnight. As a matter of fact, I get to wake up at 5.45 tomorrow because I need to be at my dad's shop by 7 the latest. Oh yes, I will be the fisherman's daughter tomorrow again...I cannot wait!!!!

I promised dg a few wedding pics to show her my dress in case she wants it. I am horrible with pictures and just throw them in boxes which I hide in the basement, or a small loft (not sure this is the right word...above our bathroom there is some storing space as big as the bathroom and about 1 m high). I can't even find the photos from Amsterdam last year! I was looking like mad yesterday because I thought I'll take an exact similar pic this year like last year and show the difference, but I can't bloody find the photo's!!!!

I will look for them all teh weekend!!!!

Anyway, what I found is a pic of huge old me...and I am going to scan it along with any other latest photos I can find of recently. So by monday, I will be able (I hope) to email whoever wants to see what this greek used to look like (when she was small...medium...large...and extra large

kisses now, i got to go to work!

Posted by Argy at 9:07 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay..... photos soon!!

yes please Argy.


11:56 am

Blogger Kimba said...

Day 5 already, time flies when you're having fun, hey?
Sounds like things might work out well with the gym if you can get a deal on your membership. It also sounds like it's in a really good location - that's really important, as you know, if it's at all hard to get to the gym then you find reasons not to go. It's all about making it easy for yourself :)

I'd love to see photos of you. Small, large, I don't mind - just anything so that I can get a picture in my mind of what your gorgeous soul really looks like. Otherwise how am I going to recognise you, when I come to visit one day? hehe.

12:37 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

woohoo! can't wait to see.

glad the detox is going well! :)


1:38 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Oh I would love to get a picture of my idol as well! Of course I have a picture in my head already but it might not be even close to reality...I wish I knew how to display pictures in blogger, I could put one of myself on front page. I love to see Kimba's smiling face the first thing when I log into Kimbaleo btw :)
Have a nice weekend you Gorgeous Greek Goddess!

4:11 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

Ohh a picture! I'm all excited now.

11:54 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know I'm a lurker here but I read you all the time and find you are such an inspirational woman :) I have a picture in my head of a gorgeous strong Greek woman who has so much to give BUT a picture would be so cool... big small or in between, you are already a stunner in my book.

By the way, my birthday is 26 January - a fellow Aquarian - see, I knew I liked you :) Happy birthday month!

Please send? Redlilocks

9:28 pm


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