Friday, November 12, 2004
A sweet and sour dish
When I had first tasted my first sweet and sour dish in the first chinese restaurant I went, probably 20 years ago (god I am aging!!!), I was stunned.
When I savoured the contradicting flavours in my mouth I felt them from head to toe. It was such a weird pleasure, two so different flavours mixed together, not being able to actually point which was stronger, the sweetness or the sourness.
This is how I feel today.
The sourness of my mom's illness is mixed with the sweetness of having grown up with such a wonderful mother that the thought of her going through this breaks me.
The sourness of my agony about the results of the biopsy is mixed with the sweetness of your support, along with the support of my husband and friends.
The sourness of my feeling the unfairness of her situation is mixed with the sweetness of life when I see a kid walking holding hands with its mother.
As Gibran says, isn't the subject of our sorrow the very same that has given us such immense joy before?
This weekend is our marathon in the therapy. Two days, from 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening with a group of ten. The topic in this marathon is mother. I am so looking forward to it.
The premiere last night went exquitely well. It was supposed to start at 11, but it got delayed for 40 mins, so the program finished at 4 a.m. I was home at 5, very hyper from all the tireness, totally unable to sleep. Guess what I did! I cooked! You all mention that I sound such a great cook. Truth is I am. Because I am an emotional cook. When my girlfriends complain that although they cook the dish with the exact directions I give them, it never turns out as good as mine, and ask me what is that I do, I always tell them that the secret incredient is lovewaves. You got to love the person you cook for and love each and every ingredient enough to treat it with the respect and thankfulness it deserves. I think this is the main thing that made me go organic in grocerry shopping. I was hearing all these horor stories about cattle firms and antibiotics in greens, that I had stoped respecting the food I bought and started detesting it and fearing it too!
So, here I was in the kitchen at 5am, marinating chicken breast fillets in fat free yogurt with crashed garlic and sweet paprika, slicing portabella mushrooms, red onions, and sweet red peppers, cherishing the tears brough to my eyes by the onions, rolling the fillets with the sliced veggies, and grilling them so that I will have lunch today and tomorrow.
Then I went to bed a little past 6 am, and woke up at ten. Last night I only drunk water and club soda, yet I feel like I have drunk an entire bottle of tequila. Perhaps this hangover feeling is due to lack of sleep.
I just realised that that this is perhaps the most incoherent entry I have ever posted. You think I should turn off the puter and go home and sleep?

Posted by Argy at 1:29 pm
Blogger Ari said...

Hehehehe.... The time for blogging is PERFECT when you are incoherent and feel like you have a hangover. Your emotions and thoughts roll out like melted butter ;).

I'm really sorry to hear about your mom. =( Just love her and be there for her right now in the moment. It is the best medicine that she can receive.

1:47 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Yes Dear, allow yourself to take a nap - actually I could use one myself too! It sounds like a good idea to buy only organic produce. They may not look as glamorous as shiny, bruise-free toxic apples/tomatoes but surely taste better and do good for you. Thanks for hint!
Have an awesome weekend - I'll send my best wishes to your mom.

3:35 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I add some humour to your very sweet/sour posting?? All that wonderful food you describe... then the crashed garlic (not crushed...) it bought laughter to me in the kindest possible way - your English is supurb so this bought such a smile to my face. I have visions of how you crash this garlic.. in the car perhaps??

Lynda (no offence intended... just a smile)

12:51 am

Blogger Kimba said...

Incoherent? You? Never :)

I hope the marathon went well for you?

That grilled chicken sounds fantastic, I'll have to steal that idea too! I wish I had more access to organic produce, you make it sound so much more appealing. Actually I probably do, living in a big city, there must be plenty available? I just have to go looking for it...I've never really bothered with 'going organic' before but everything you say about it makes so much sense. As always :)

I've learned a lot from you Argy, about cherishing and appreciating life. You're a very special lady, and your mum is so lucky to have a daughter like you to support her through her illness.

Take care, Kimba XXX

11:51 pm

Blogger Angel said...

the chicken sounds devine am going to do tht tomorrow to take to work with me this week. lush!!!!

just wanna say i love reading your posts, there is no one like u and that is special. your posts are refreshing :)

4:43 am

Blogger Tracy said...

Hi again Dear Argy! I miss your posts! Your writing always gives me such inspiration. How is life down there at the other side of the continent of Europe? Going well I hope, remember to eat your greens (well actually it's me who needs to be reminded ;)) and give yourself some time to breathe every now and then. Sending good vibes,

11:20 am


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