Wednesday, November 03, 2004
A recipe for you
On Sunday evening, I had to go to the rehearsal at 8.30. My husband and I took a very late afternoon nap, a rather long one too. We both woke up on Sunday early - it always happens to us when the time changes - and after the party on Saturday, we were knackered. So we slept at 4.30 and woke up at 7.30 in the evening!!!

He was a bit worried when he woke me up. "Honey, its 7.30, you gotta get up, shower, get ready and go, or you will be late for the rehearsal!" I laughed and told him that he sounded as if I was rehearsing myself, that he sounded as if my being late for it would be a disaster cos noone else could do their job.

With this thought, I went to the bath, took a very hot, very long and very relaxing shower, then went into our bedroom, put on body lotion, new, comfy pj's, and went to the living room where he was watching tv, and told him. "I am not going there. I will cook for us. Don't approach the kitchen. Just light the candles!"

Hehehe...You should have seen his face. It lit up! He was thinking about yet another lonely evening at home, he was thinking of poor me working on a Sunday evening, and instead...a warm dinner with just us!

I opened the freezer and saw shrimps. Here is what I cooked, totally Core, and oh so deliscious!!!

You will need:

brown pasta (penne is a good option)
fresh basil
tomato juice
4 tsp of olive oil
powdered chilli
fresh grounded coarse black pepper
half a glass of white wine

Put the oil in a pot. Crash the garlic and saute it in the oil. Add the chili powder. Then put the shrimps on the pot, (whole shrimps, with heads and shells and all). Add the wine, and the tomato juice (a 750 ml bottle is just fine), some salt, and a glass of water. When it starts to boil, add the pasta. Stay close to the pot, cos you will have to stir it often so the pasta cooks and doesnt glues to the bottom of the pot.

It was heavenly! The pasta cooked in the juice of the shrimps and the tomatoes, and it was so tasty, you would not believe it! And the fresh pepper on top of it gave it the final kick!

Now, I would have stayed totally within my Core, if it wasnt for the remaining of that bottle of white wine.... ;o)

Posted by Argy at 6:18 pm
Blogger Kimba said...

MMMM I don't even like shrimps that much, but that sounds really good! When do you add the fresh basil, just stir it through at the end...?

How about you come over here and cook for me? :D

2:07 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah.. what a lovely surprise for your husband! and how delicious it sounds...


10:39 am

Blogger Angel said...

wow, sounds like the most perfect evening. and your meal sounds absolutely divine...yummmmmmmm!!!!

also just wanna say i love reading your posts. i love your honesty, your humour and how you simply tell us how you r feeling and how u overcome things. a true inspiration!

2:01 am


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