Monday, October 25, 2004
It is exactly how I woke up this morning. Determined to start working out! What made me feel like this was the dust I saw on the treadmill yesterday. So much dust that made me really angry! Not with myself. But with the way I have let work interfere with my daily routine. The daily routine that actually is designed to keep me healthy and sane.

It is 3.45 p.m. now and I still feel the buzz in my body. I walked in 6.5 km/hr for 30 minutes. I was close to fainting down when I finished. Boy have I lost some fitness levels! I used to do this for 45 - 60 mins every day and had stamina for more and now 30 minutes and my legs were shaking! But I promised me that I will do it tomorrow, and then the day after, and then it will be Friday and I will have a straight 5 days!!!!

I have been very busy during the weekend. Let me fill you in...

Saturday we did go boot shopping. Remember how I was hoping to hear the zzzzzziiiiiiippppp sound up my calf? was more like a zzzziii....iiii....urrrghhh....iiii...a lit more...squeeze some flesh in...iipppp sound! But ladies, I now proudly own the first shop bought pair of boots in the last 3 years!Surely my poor calves suffocate in them. But they are inside! The zipper went up!!! All the way!!!

Then, we went to M&S. Every skirt I tried was a 16. And the best news is that I bough none! Yes, you hear me right. I did not buy anything. And the reason is that I did not like them that much to spend my money on them! I know you think (once again) that I am weird. But you got to understand that I have shopped for clothes for so long based on the fact if they fit or not.

Then we went to our organic grocery shop. And I shopped for our food so wisely. Nothing that does not belong to the Core list of goodies went into our cart. I figured that if it isnt home then it won't be tempting. I bough a huge quantity of grapes (8 kilos!) and I made a sweet with grapes that sort of resembles jam, but with the whole fruit, not smashed. Typical greek thing. We make this from all kinds of fruits, and we call them spoon sweets, because usually a big tsp of it is satisfying. My husband is crazy about grape spoon sweet. I am not too fond of it, unless I eat it with yogurt. And in 8 kgs of fruit I put 1 kg of brown sugar, plus spices, so if the worse comes to worse and I have to have something sweet, I think this is the less dangerous one. I also made a deal with Angelos before buying all those grapes that if he wants chocolate or anything else he should not bring it at home. Not till December 5.

I then decided to experiment in legumes. I got all different varieties in beans in different sizes and colours. I also got tons of greens with many herbs. I cut up a big quantity of fresh salad, put it in my miraculous TW container that keeps it fresh for 5 days, boiled 2 different kinds of beans, so now in the morning all I have to do is take a container, open the freeze, take our the salad container and the bean container, add some of each to the empty container, add balsamic vinegar, my 2 tsp of olive oil, and ta da! I have lunch for work!!!

I also got me some bananas and pears and plain 1% fat yogurt, and this is breakfast darlings. I am having breakfast again!

Ah. I also got pomegranates. This is dessert after dinner. I love it, and it takes ages to eat one!

Tonight I will grill solomon fillets and will steam brocolli, carrots, and cauliflower.

So now tell me. Do I (at least) sound determined? *wink*

Till tomorrow ....

Posted by Argy at 3:16 pm
Blogger Megan said...

Oh my, all of that lovely fruit sounds delicious. You should post some recipes. Speaking of, I went to a Greek festival last weekend and had some amazing greek meatballs (kefdedes?) in tomato sauce, so if you have a recipe I'd love to read it.

Congratualations on the treadmill workout and the boots!


10:29 pm

Blogger Kimba said...

Hooray for boots that zip up! Bravo :)

You sure do sound determined darling. Good for you. I'm glad you're having breakfast again, it's very important to eat in the mornings. All that fruit, yum! and the salad sounds just divine. You have some delicious ideas. I wish you could cook for me some time :)

By the way, you asked about olive oil in WW Oz - one teaspoon of olive oil here in Oz is 0.5 point. But two teaspoons is 1.5 points (because of the rounding up/down).

Have a great determined day :)

1:16 am

Blogger DeAnn said...

You sound VERY determined. And that's exactly how I grocery shop for Core. I just buy Core food and then I cannot go wrong!

11:45 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

woooooooo! well done, m'dear! this 5 day salad container sounds perfect. so it is tupperware?

and well done with the boots too :) (dg)

12:35 pm

Blogger Denise said...

WooHoo for boots that zip!!! I cannot WAIT until I can buy some awesome, thigh high, lipstick red boots - yeooooooow.

2:35 am


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