Monday, November 08, 2004
Five bottles of water
I am going to try and re-write a small entry containing most of the big post I just wrote and blogger ate. Do I make sense? lol

We had a great weekend. The dinner party was absolutely wonderful. Our ten friends had a blast. All of them complained while leaving that they will have to stay up all night because they all ate too much. We all ate too much. I told them to stay longer and try and digest together. They left at 4 am.

I went crazy Saturday morning and cooked so much.

A five kg pig leg soaked for 4 hours in red wine, with sage, garlic, red, green and white pepper. Then it got coated in a paste of lemon zest, cumin, garlic, coliander, olive oil, crashed peppers and salt, and baked in the oven for almost 5 hours. It was PERFECT! I made mashed potatoes with chestnut pourree. A spinach and shrimps souffle with smoked regato cheese. A pumpkin pie with feta and onions and pine nuts. An egg salad with capers and sundried tomatoes. A green salad with honey - balsamic vinegraitte. A chocolate mousse. A New York cheese cake. And last but not least, yogurt with double cream beaten up together, mixed with butter cookie crumps and grape spoon sweet!

It was a feast. I cooked with so much joy! It has been ages since I cooked a lot for lots of people. I spent so much time making our home look festive and autumn-y. Small and big baskets with pumpkins, quince, pears, apples, chestnuts, pommedegranates and candles were spread around the corners of the living room and dining room. Vases with cream button roses and hyacinths spread their sweet aroma. 60 candles lit the place. It was wonderful, and we all enjoyed it a lot!

Sunday we ate salad, boiled eggs and fruit. The good thing was that there were no leftovers at home. I paked the leftovers in small containers and gave them away to our friends as they left. One splurge was enough for me. Then I had to try several clothes to make sure I did not gain all the weight overnight, because I certainly felt like I did!

I am still having my period, and I still feel bloated. I have this yukky dry feeling of bloatness. But I realised that the last couple weeks I either drink green tea, coffee, or yogi tee. No water! So today, I packed my 5 750 ml bottles of water, and I am trying to drink it all :)

On Friday evening, I moved the treadmill from the living room it was to my study. Our house is very wintery and our friends always want to spend time with us during the winter months. I think it is the colours, the walls of our living room and dinning room are two different shades of cinammon, the sofa and armchairs are cream, our carpet is a handmade oriental one with all earthy colours and lotsa orange and reds, and I spent a fortune on candles, each and every night, even if we are just ourselves, we light at least 20 flames to have this warm feeling of soft candlelight.

But I have no tv in the study, and it makes the treadmill time pass so slowly. I managed 20 minutes this morning, and it felt as if I was there for 2 hours. I must come up with something, or else I will get too bored too soon.

I also just had lunch, grilled chicken breast and cabbage with grated carrots and lotsa lemon juice for salad. Dinner will be yogurt and banana and kiwis, because I will not get home before 11, since I have another premiere in yet another theatre.

Here is to a great week with great food and at least 150 minutes spent on the treadmill.

Posted by Argy at 1:49 pm
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooooooooooooooooooooooh my goodness that sounds SO GOOD! you sound like a genius in the kitchen :) have a great week argy!

6:08 pm

Blogger Kimba said...

hello gorgeous, I'm back! Blogger needs to go on a diet I think, I always hear about it eating everyone's posts!!!

Sounds like you had the most special weekend, that feast sounded divine. And so does your home, but would I expect anything less? :)

I still have TTOM too so I'm feeling a bit yuck like you, but it should be gone tomorrow. So here's to a great week for both of us! (even with my bloody exams, hehe)

PS congratulations on going to be an auntie again, that's great news - your turn soon!!!

11:23 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh My God!!! What a feast. I could never, in a million years ever even contemplate that. I have a morbid fear of my own dinner party and am so jealous of those who can. The trouble is to practice the food I would eat so much so just don't even try. I can do a great BBQ in the summer though so that is the time I like to entertain.

Oh.... that food sounded soooooo wonderful.

Lynda -

11:39 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sounds absolutely DEVINE!!! I'll fly you over here to New Zealand and you can show me how to cook for my dinner parties. I can never be as creative as that! I'm in awe!!!

Lyn @

4:46 am

Blogger Tracy said...

OMG, Argy, the dinner sounds so wonderful! And not just the food but the setting, candles, autumn colours and all! I wish I could have been there....Your friends are lucky to have you.
I love food - I wonder if I should move to Greece. It all just sounds so delicious, all the fresh produce, feta, spinach, garlic, eggplant...I'm lucky to find one live tomato at supermarket this time of year here up north.

8:36 am

Blogger metamorpheus said...

You know Argy, if I was invited to the party, I could have hand delivered the New York Style Cheese Cake!

12:08 pm

Blogger DeAnn said...

That food sounds TOO GOOD!!

And, also, Blogger has been a pain lately. I've made a habit of copying my post before I hit publish in case it gets eaten, because then I can just paste what I've copied into a new post. Voila! Reincarnated post!

1:01 pm


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