Sunday, October 31, 2004
Saturday's Party
I was in the tv station at 11 yesterday. We started working on making the tv spot right away. We finished at 6 in the evening. 7 hours were spent to make a 30 minutes commercial. Cut and paste scenes. Make sure she doesn't look fat. Make sure she shows her best profile. Make sure she has the best smile. Make sure she looks better than the other singer that will share her stage in the music hall. Make sure each of the ladies were shown for the exact equal amount of time, 15 seconds each. Boy what madness!

I was home at 6.30 and left at 7.30 to go to the rehearsal. As soon as I left home my mobile rung. It was my friend Sophia.

"O.M.G. Argyro!" She exclaimed. "We just got home and you won't believe what is happening!!! The pylon is missing!!!"

Our friends house is in a hill. They have a wonderful huge balcony with amazing view. You can see from the Acropolis down to the port of Pireaus, the ocean, the city, everything. But about 50 meters from their house they had a power pylon, which not only cut some of the view, but was highly unhealthy too! And they went home to see it missing!

So Sophia wanted to call all their friends for an party. I told her Angelos would go and I would go there after the rehearsal, god knows what time though.

At around 11.30 I arrived at their house. I could hear the music playing loud. I was tired, I was hungry, and I wanted to sleep! I rung the bell, took the stairs, and saw my friends' happy face as they opened the door. 12 people were there. The snacks were chips, doritos, peanuts and all kinds of nuts, dips, and sweets. There was lotsa alcohol, and lotsa diet sodas.

I must have drunk a litre of diet coke. I must have almost touched each and every morsel of chips and doritos and nuts. Almost. My hand would go to the bowls and I'd quickly take it back. That was for the first hour or so. Because then their party mood became addicted, and I started dancing too.

We all danced till 5 am. It has been ages since I've danced that much! The night was humid but the temperature was in the 25's (amazing it is still that hot ... we have christmas in less than 8 weeks!!!!!)

And as soon as I started dancing I was not hungry anymore, but happy! Yes, happy! I could move this body to whichever rythm was playing graciously. I could feel the rythm inside me and I would not keep it there, as I used to do 36 kilos ago, but let it emmerse and conquer my whole being, from the tip of my toes to the tip of my head. I danced with my husband and he would swirl me and turn me round and people made space for us and I felt great! We all danced frantically at times. We would jump and make funny moves and act like 13 year olds!

You want to know the best part?

My feet do not ache this morning!

Posted by Argy at 11:55 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that's a post of success!!! You went and had a great time, didn't eat bad food, didn't drink alcohol and danced the night away!! Yay you!!

Lyn @

9:05 pm

Blogger DeAnn said...

I think that's a pretty big hurdle -- getting to the point where you are comfortable dancing!!

10:03 pm

Blogger Kimba said...

Yay for dancing! And for no aching feet! I know exactly what you are talking about. I used to love dancing and then when I put on weight I'd 'keep it inside' and watch from the sidelines. I'm loving that I can join in again and move the way I want to. Letting yourself go with the music, it's got to be one of the best feelings in the world.

You make life in Greece sound so wonderful Argy. I'll have to come and visit you one day :) But I'm sure wherever you lived, your life would be wonderful - you have a special way of finding joy in the simplest things. I wish I could be more like you! :)

11:33 pm

Blogger Tracy said...

Oh I wish I could have been at the party - sounds like so much fun! I love dancing too - it's amazing how fast time flies when you're on the dancefloor :) Sometimes I have my own private party-hour in the kitchen, if there's a cathy tune on radio and my hips just won't stay still...Best thing about the private party is that you don't have to worry if you look fabulous but just let it all out and shake :D

1:53 pm

Blogger Dazed said...

That sounds like a wonderful night Argy! Im glad you went out and celebrated, and glad your feet dont hurt too bad today as well!

11:49 pm

Blogger Angel said...

hey sweetheart. the dancing sounds like so much fun! u were so strong at the party and u should be proud of that! glad you had an awesome time, there is nothing like dancing like no body is watching!!!! enjoy your moment :)

12:09 pm

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2:10 pm


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