Saturday, October 30, 2004
How good is an easy way out?
Yesterday I woke up very early. I had the longest day planned with work meetings and radio spots to be made and photos to be picked, and calls to be made for my premieres (two, Nov. 1 and 2). But Thursday was a national holiday here, and I only worked for 4 hours, had a great rest all day and slept early, so when I woke all by myself on Friday at 7, I was thrilled!

I made my coffee, read your blogs, put on my running shoes, hit the treadmill, showered, made breakfast, and turned on the TV. From 6am to 10 am there are two shows, mostly about news and stuff. In one of them they had dieticians, nutritians, all the diet-health oriented people with an -itian ending. They compared Greece to USA and Northern Europe, and they resulted that here, we eat better, mainly due to the abondance of olive oil, fresh fish and legumes, and also because of traditional mediterenean eating that luckily has not yet become obsolete. However, they did run the bell of danger. Statistics about growing numbers of fatness in many age groups, mainly kids and teens and elders. And then they offered solutions. Lotsa them. They showed overweight people, in the range of 90 to 100 kilos. And doctors. And the doctors made suggestions. The following:

(now here you will have to bear with my Greekiness and lack of correct English terminology)

  1. A kind of baloon thingy that is inserted in your stomach, so that it feels full all the time
  2. Gastric By Pass
  3. Cutting part of your stomach
  4. A new revolutionary surgery I did not really understood
  5. Diet pills
  6. Enzymes that make you not hungry

Quite a collection, don't you think?!

Not one bastardious person there mentioned diet and exercise. Not one! I was so angry, I could feel my face getting red. The people there had 35 kilos to loose at the most! I know so many of you that have lose 40 and 50 and 60 and still struggle for more. It has taken us time. And it has required determintaion. And tears. And falling down and climbing up again. But for god's sake, it is DOABLE!!!!!

In the mornings, while I am in the shower, or afterwards, when I am applying body lotion, I have caught myself feeling me. I have read that many of you do it too recently.You feel your toned arms, your smaller thighs. I have caught myself feeling my belly. I have caught myself caressing my belly and smile. I am hoping I will not get my period this week. I know we just started and that it will be almost impossible to succeed from the first time, but I am hoping. And that makes me feel that our body is indeed a miracle. It produces life. It runs all by itself, should we care for it or not. It is a perfect machine. How can you just cut a piece of it, without reason, is beyond my imagination. It is disrespect to nature, can't you not see it?It is amputation. Why does it not matter, because it is not visible? (I stop here, before I become as tiring to you and the jehova's witnesses become to some!)

On a good note, Core and I have become friends. I love the program. I eat a LOT! My dinner always contains bulgur or brown rice or couscous. This is heaven for me. I always want something to go with my meats. Salad or baked veggies or steamed brocolli was not enough. A pack of 700 gr meat of any form (minced chicken, beef, chicken fillet, lean lamp) and a big cup of either raw bulgur or rice or couscous is shared equally between me and my husband, along with lotsa veggies. I am having breakfast, fruits mainly, and lunch too, the salads, you know. And I am also having some fruit after dinner, pommedegranate or grapes. And since October 19 (91.3 kgs) I today weighed and have lost 1.6 kg (89.7). I have cut back on oil, I am now trying to not use more than 15 flex in a week. I will continue like this.

I got to go now. Its almost 10 to 10, and we will have to rush and do the grocerry shopping, because I have booked a studio to make a tv spot for my big diva singer at 11.15. This will go on till 8 in the evening. For a 30 second spot. On a Saturday. Oh this life I have recently! Someone call my partner and tell her its about time to come back to work please?

Posted by Argy at 9:01 am
Blogger metamorpheus said...

Hi Argy,

Great post today. Funny how diet and exercise wasn't even an option. Very sad too.

Being a guy, I must confess I do the same thing after a shower. I do take it to the next level though. Clad in only a towel I will call my boys (ages 7 and 10) and start posing like Mr. Universe. As I am flexing, showing them my emerging muscles resulting from weight lifting, they start showing me their muscles. We all start congratulating each other as we marvel over each other's body, muscles, biceps, etc. My wife is usually witness to this occurrence and just sits back and smiles. I know what she is thinking...she likes what she is seeing - the emerging me and I know she hopes it will never end.

I hope it will never end also.

10:44 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Argy... I love you - did you know? You write with feeling and spirit and love and depth.. all the things that I wish I could write with. You draw me into you lovely Greek life. AND.. yes, you can get pregnant the first time you try - my son is living proof of that!

Good luck to you both.

Lynda -

9:47 am

Blogger Kimba said...

Hey gorgeous congratulations on the 1.6kg loss that's fanstastic! I'm so glad that Core is working for you. You sounds really happy.

Can't believe that stupid TV show didn't mention diet or exercise! Maybe it was sponsored by pharmaceutical companies or surgeons or something...I remember seeing a doctor when I first wanted to do something about my weight and asked him for some advice about seeing a nutritionist. His response was instead to offer me some new drug that had come on the market. No thanks! Needless to say I changed doctors...:)

11:28 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Siverella, I have recently started reading your journal. It is fascinating to me! It offers me this window into another world. I am a stay at home mom of 4 kids, ages 1,3,5,and 7yrs. I live in a little town in east Texas called Nacogdoches, well kinda I am about 10miles out of the city limits. My town is very sterotypical of Texas. Hell this morning on the way from taking my kids to school, the neighbor's horses were out blocking the road! I also have about 25lbs left to lose. I lost 50lbs. about 2yrs. ago and have kept it off, but I don't seem to be able to rediscover that motivation! Oh and I also got pregnant on the first try! Well thank you for sharing your little corner of the world. God bless you and your family. All my best thoughts and good wishes--- Suzannna

7:46 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Argy
What a wonderful post... I have been meaning to pop into your site for some time as I keep hearing wonderful things about it in Lynda's journal (and others too). You are doing a fantastic job... and have added you to my favourites. Good luck with getting pregnant and between you and me - my husband and I are also trying but have yet to share that with my journal readers.
Take care

10:32 pm

Blogger Denise said...

You are right to be outraged at the lack of healthy weight loss options offered on that program. It's bad enough that there are people who look at weight loss surgery as an alternative to healthy eating (instead of as a component of a plan to lose weight and become healthier in conjunction with eating properly and exercising), but to have "experts" endorsing the idea is just bad medicine.

When I come to Greece, I want to come and visit you, I hope that's OK. (Don't worry, it will probably be years and years from now.)

3:00 am

Blogger ms ralph said...

It is horrible the way everyone wants to take the easy way out. But we are doing it, and the right way, we are also learning lots of valuable lessons along the way that will hopefully keep us healthy for life. Thanks for sharing this.

12:06 am


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