Saturday, October 23, 2004
Numbers Madness
So the scales today show a .8 kg gain from the day before yesterday that showed a 1.1 loss from Monday. Now what is this huh?

It is the kind of insanity that makes me wanna yell! I had a piece of roasted pork with no fat on for lunch yesterday with cucumbers. I had bulgur with lean beef for dinner. And a piece of feta cheese too. But then, it is almost the end of the week and I have been having 13 out of the 35 flex points I am supposed to have.

Ah numbers!!!

My husband has an eye for me. When I gain weight he never says anything. Except on the instances I say "Hon I think I've gained some weight". He then will say "Yes darling, but it is not more than a kilo and a half!" I will then go and weigh and always ALWAYS he is right! I tell him he has scales in his eyes. He tells me the scales are on his hands *wink*. So this morning, one of the rare Saturdays he is not working, while we were cudling in bed, he said "Hon, this core thing youre doing is paying off, I can feel you lost some weight" So you understand how I felt when I went to the scales to see a gain.

On Thursday night at the theatre, I saw people I had not seen since May, the official end of the theatre season here in Athens. And they honestly were exclaiming all the time "OMG how did you do it?!You look so different!!!" bla bla bla...

Of course it is nice to hear such things. But for me, this has become dangerous you know. I want to loose weight! And compliments sort of disorient me. I feel good and loose track.

I think I am moody this morning....

There is one thing that really bothers me about being fat. I have to have my boots custom made. Because boots from normal shops do not zip up my calf. So I have to order them out of a very limited design selection. And pay a fortune for them too. While if I was to buy them in the shops, I'd get 3 pairs for the amount of money I pay. I have not done the boot test yet. I have been thinking secretly about it all summer. I have been dreaming of the moment I'd go in a shoe shop, see a pair of boots I like, get in, sit, ask for it in my size, take off my shoes, take the boot, and hear the zzzzzzzzzzzp as it zips up my calf.

I think I am going to go boot shopping today. This is the day for the test! If it is good, then I will tell myself that the .8 gain of today is water retention since from last saturday till today is my ovulation period. Or else, I will feel angry and sorry for myself. Listen to me. I sound like the pms queen this morning. Come on, send me away!

Posted by Argy at 10:55 am
Blogger Kimba said...

You gorgeous woman, stop worrying about the scales! Let your husband's hands be the judge, after all he can 'feel' the difference ;)

Ahh, the boot test. I have a pair of (store-bought)beloved knee high boots from my slimmer days. So far, even after losing almost 25kg, I can only get them zipped up almost to my calf. It will be while yet before they zzzzzzzzzip up to my knees, but they are the ultimate indicator for me of my progress. They WILL fit me again one day!

I was thinking too about your 35 Flex points on the Core plan. I am not sure if the WW points program in Greece is similar to WW in Australia ('Time for Success') or if you calculate your points with the same formula as we do. But I know that the USA WW points system is different to ours here in Oz. The way the points are calculated is different and means that in the USA they get more points to use than we do (eg on the Flex system they'd get 28-35 points where we'd get 22, or something like that!). So if we were trying to follow the USA Core plan before there was an Aussie version, for us to use 35 of 'our' Aussie points as Flex points in a week would actually be too much, because our points are worth 'more' than the USA ones. I really hope this makes sense!!!!

I guess what I'm saying is that maybe you should check whether the Greek way of calculating WW points is the same as the USA way, otherwise 35 Flex points may be too much...?

12:36 pm

Blogger DeAnn said...

Because of our bodies' tendencies to fluctuate weight daily, Weight Watchers encourages you to weight just once a week, at the same time on the same day each week.

That way, you won't notice the little changes, but only the "real" ones.

4:56 am


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