Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Tis my weight you know. I am not too happy about it. With my bad eating during dinner, the chocolates during the weekend, without eating all day long and with almost having my last bite in my mouth before falling asleep, this is what has happened. I thought that I'd escape, since I was actually escaping a gain all this time, but apparently it was just a matter of time.

Yesterday it was my first core day. I actually wrote an entry about it. Blogger was hungry and ate it though! I have questions and I do not know where to ask but here, since Core has not reached Greece yet.

So I read that brown rice and pasta and potatoes are limited to one meal per day. Cooked hot cereal are also limited to one meal per day. Does that mean I can have either hot cereal (I love porridge in the fall and winter, I cook it with mostly water and a tad of milk, I grate an apple, put lotsa cinnamon and nutmeg and cloves and a bit of honey too..tis soooo delicious) or rice? Couscous though is not limited into one meal per day...is it?

I think I will spend most of my 35 flex points on olive oil. Just two teaspoonfuls a day is too little for my Greekiness! We live on olive oil! And it is good for me too. I am used to eating olive oil, and if this is the only fat I am taking (no butter, etc.) I think it won't be a problem.

The most difficult thing about doing Core was to actually have 3 meals. I managed to have some pears for breakie yesterday and today but it did take lots of effort. Lunch was not easy either. And then I wanted a bigger dinner because I was used to eat eat eat in the evening.

Which comes to show me that if I want my hard work to pay off, I have to stick to it. It is so easy to eat unbalanced. I have been used to it. And while it takes time to adjust to new better habbits, it certainly takes a LOT less time to return to the "good" ole ones.

I don't want to!!! I felt so much better yesterday watching Angelos eat the remaining chocolate covered raisins than actually eating them myself. Control is something that really makes me feel I am aiming towards something.

I have had a huge crisis at work and I am expecting phone calls that will yell at me with the worst possible words a man can pronounce. My assistant forgot to send the material for Thursday's premiere in the TimeOut magazine. That means we will not even be in the listings. There are some things she does without me checking her. They are routine stuff. This was one. However I cannot but take the responisbility myself. Noone cares what mistakes an assistant does. I can't yell at her either. She has been overworked like I have been. But noone cares or will understand. These are the things that make me want to change my career. I want to do P.R. for tangibles now. Artists have become unbearable for me! Gimme chockies, gimme tyres, gimme diapers, I don't care!!!

Oi...I see I am rambling again. A sign for me to log off!

Cheers my sweets...I will most probably update tomorrow to enrich your vocabulary with the nasty, unpronouncable new bad words I will hear sooner or later!

Posted by Argy at 7:50 pm
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Argy... Oh how glad I am that I am not in your position with all the worry! You poor thing.

Now about the food. The core program may be great for some people but food must be what you enjoy and have in your day to day life. We all know hot cereal is great to eat as is olive oil so make sure you tailor your eating to what YOU LIKE!! What I'm trying to say (badly) is just eat three good meals, don't skip them etc - you know what is good food and bad food.

I am really trying to get back to point counting at the moment so watch this space for my weight loss!

Good luck! Lynda (www.geocities.com/scottygirl_1)

2:39 am

Blogger Kimba said...

Hello lovely one! If you have questions about Core, head on over to Mo at Mr Ointy - http://www.mopie.com/blog/ointy.html - I read her blog and she's doing Core. Maybe you could ask her?
Otherwise Angel may be able to tell you which site she pinched the Core plan from in the first place, maybe they can help you...? Otherwise, see if Weight Watchers in the USA has a Forum like the Aussie site. If so, I'm sure you could ask there!

Anyway it's great to hear you fired up again. Sounds like we're in a similar place at the moment - we've both had a bit of a gain from letting things slip and reverting to old 'bad' habits, now we're both inspired to get in there and do better.

Here's to our success!

9:31 am

Blogger DeAnn said...

I am doing the Core and loving it!! It's great for me.

And, also, is that kg? I am a U.S. woman totally on the non-metric system so metric measurements always confuse me!

I guess I need to be more worldly educated.

10:26 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

huuuuuuuuuuuuug! you lovely thing. sounds like a very very shitty day at the office. you deserve an extra litre of olive oil for all that stress... yikes!

hope the core works for ya... can anyone tell me where this core plan is floatin round on the net? i'd be curious to have a looky...


5:26 pm


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