Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Brain vs Body: The Battle that causes me Confusion
I do not feel well. If I am to be precise, I feel confused, angry, tired, and somehow disappointed.

I am using my brain too much again. And my body always looses the battle you know.

I am rationalising too much. I am giving myself too many excuses. I work out and I feel I'm doing the right thing. I eat so so and feel I am doing something. But I weigh 90 kilos and doing something that leads to maintaining is not good anymore.

And I think a lot. I think of WW and I realise that if I go there, it will only be for the weigh in. Cos the leaders here in Athens, at least the ones I have come across, are nothing like the motivational descriptions I have read online. And I can't spare the money for just the weigh in. Which makes me think that I don't just need discipline. I need someone to whom I have to be good. And that makes me angry.

Because being good to myself should be enough you know.

I know I have my period and I know my feelings are intensified cos of this. I also know I had my period early again and this makes me worry about my body. And perhaps this is the reason I am mildly overeacting.

But the bottomline is that I am having no breakfast. I have a healthy lunch. And I have a not so healthy dinner, or equally bad, too much of a healthy dinner.

Perhaps I need some rest too. Because I have been working way too much again, and sleeping way too little with the footy celebrations and the wedding and christening the last 15 days.

I definitely need to clear my head.

Posted by Argy at 2:03 pm
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will the the PMS demon ... I get exactly the same at this time. Give yourself time to get over this and reasess it next week to see how you feel then. *hugs*

Lyn @ www.journey2slimsville.012webpages.com

12:44 am


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