Tuesday, June 08, 2004
What is happening to me?!
I have been up since 5:45 this morning. For a sleepy head like me this is weird!I wouldn't worry if it just happened today. But the last few days I woke up too early. I haven't woken up later than 7:30, including the weekend! Well, on Saturday and Sunday I had long naps in the afternoon, but still! My husband says its the morning exercise. It might be. Cos I'm in bed at night around 11 which is also weird for a night owl like me! Ah I don't know...it just feel strange to be 8 o clock now, and me having already watered the plants in both balconies (I have 65 pots!), having spent at least an hr online, having made breakfast for my husband, having prepared my lunch.

And now, as soon as I finish this...guess what! Its treadmill time!he he he

Since the day I got it, I have spent a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 65 on it. Yesterday I tried something new too. I took two small weights and held them while I was moving my hands vigorously, as if I was marching in a parade! It gave me the feel of a more total work out, if you understand what I mean.

I don't see any change in my body after 5 days of exercise. I know that it takes about three to four weeks before it starts to show. But I can tell that the difference in my mood is amazing. I buzz with energy all day long, I am in high spirits, and I sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow! My eating is so much better! I have second and third thoughts every time I get a crave for something I shouldn't have. I remember all the puffing and sweating early in the day and I instantly feel that it was not for maintenance purposes, but for loosing, so I conclude I do not actually want the icecream that bad!

I had a great weekend too! Open air cinemas opened finally!!! I just love them in the summer! We saw Troy. It was a huge disappointment! A complete distortion of the original story! My poor husband who adores epic films has not yet get over it...lol.

I think I will get ready for my exercise now. This will be my 6th day in a row. And tomorrow it will be weigh in day :)

Posted by Argy at 8:03 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck for weighin tomorrow ... fingers crossed for a good one! Great work on the treadmill! Lyn @ www.journey2slimsville.012webpages.com

5:45 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work on the treadmill!!! I love your post about dreams coming true. Looking forward to continuing to read your journal. Amanda http://alleycat76.diary-x.com

1:10 pm


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