Sunday, May 30, 2004
Reality strikes and brings the blues
When you have lost a lot of weight, things happen to your life. First, you begin to like what you see in the mirror in the morning. Second, you become more energetic and your mood and spirits rise. Third, you get compliments and support from friends and family and you feel prettier and you look prettier. Fourth, you get motivated and work harder towards your goal. Fifth, you are Greek, and it's the end of May and you have to start going to the beach because, not only you adore swimming, but most of the people who do not work like crazy as you do, have already started and their tan is showing, so you got to get a tan as well, cos more than anything, a tan suits your eyes and makes you look thinner too! And go swimming suit shopping.

You wear your nice white linen pants, your new red t-shirt with your new red sandals, you admire your clean french pedicure, you take your gorgeous superfit husband, and hit the shops. Spirits are high cos hey! I've lost and am loosing this weight! And I look good today too! And my husband is full of compliments today!And then you enter the shop.

You pick 4 different swimwears and you hit the dressing room. And reality strikes with flabby white cellulite thighs. Reality strikes with huge arms. Reality strikes with loose skin and strech marks.

The blues instantly arrive with their hands full of goodies. So yeah, they say. You have gone from a size 22 to a size 18 bottom. And you have gone from a size 20 to a size 16 top. Yeah...I forgot! In the right skirt you can fit to a 16. And if the top is elastic, you have a couple of sizes 14 in your closet too! Yeah, UK sizes. But your skin is loose, your stretch marks show, cellulite is there, and you still look AWFUL in a bathing suit!

That happened yesterday. The blues are still here today :o(

No matter what, I am still fat. 90.3 kilos is still too much. And if I want to end this, I need to concentrate harder. And right now, I am not feeling strong. I feel tired and gloomy.

Posted by Argy at 9:59 am

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