Friday, May 28, 2004
Concerned...and upset too!
This morning I didn't exercise. I was too tired. I came home from work at 1 a.m. last night. I had a 15 hour working day. So I woke up and made a coffee and sat in the PC to check on emails and blogs. And my all time favourite dg had a new post. Which always brightens up my day. She hit a nail again. And ever since I read through it and through the article she mentioned, I feel kinda angry and upset and concerned.

I read many diet blogs. I surf through numerous diet sites. A year ago I used to feel that for british folks, for australians and especially Americans dieting is such an easy thing. You have cooking spray, you have splenda, low fat chocolate, "Oh I can't believe it's not butter" stuff, you have 99.9% fat free brownie mixes, fat free sour cream, low colesterol stuff, and I could go on for ever.

I felt deprived in my little corner of the earth. I would check the incredibly delicious desert recipes in the weight watchers site and get angry cos I would never be able to make them cos half of the ingredients were not available in Greece. I would have to come up with my own, and be moderate in consuming them cos points were always greater due to the things in them.

During this year, my attitude changed. All it took was a documentary in TV. It was about cattle, chicken and pork farms. It was about genetically (oops I don't know the word! changed? mutant?) vegetables and fruits. It was pure horror. I remember waking up my husband, cos the documentary was at midnight, dragging him from the bedroom to the living room where we have the TV, and making him watch it too. He was complaining for waking him up for about 30 seconds. His complaints were substitued by silence and horror in his eyes. We stayed up an hour longer after the documentary, talking about things we saw, things we heard, etc. And decided to go organic.

But I am still confused about things. I am still trying to figure out why we do this to ourselves. Unless the very small percentage of people who die when they are too old, most of us die from illness. In our bodies. Which we feed crap!

I have a trillion things to say. I am so sensitive about this. In the last couple of years I have seen 3 people curing their cancers with food only. You think I'm a lunatic. Perhaps I am. But these people live a cancer free life now and I have witnessed it.
But I won't go on. I will only say one more thing. Last summer I was following weight watchers. And exercising for at least an hour a day for 5/6 days a week. And eating lot's of "diet" stuff like artificial sweeteners, diet sodas, low fat cheeses etc.

My exercise lately has been moderate. Nothing like the 6 miles in 45 mins in the treadmill, plus a weight session I used to do last year. I am just walking for 40 to 60 minutes a day. Sometimes these 60 minutes are done in 4 sets of 15 mins each, depending on my work load.

When I was 96 kilos last year, I wore a size 20 skirt, and a size 18 top. In 96 kilos early spring 2004, I wore a size 16 top, and a size 18 skirt. Last year my exercise was stronger. This year it isn't. So no, exercise is not the reason my body shrunk. Eating good quality food is the ONLY reason. Cos in my body there are no chems. My system doesn't retain water to cope with the chemicals and antibiotics and poisons in my food. My skin is brighter. My hair shine. And I will keep on getting into my friends' nerves and scream: GO ORGANIC!!!

Oh dear blog! Imagine what a pain in the arse I'll be when I quit smoking this coming September!!!

I won't spell check this one!

Posted by Argy at 11:52 am

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