Wednesday, June 02, 2004
I feel positive!
I really do! Since yesterday something moved back to its original place. And I am not feeling lost or disoriented any more. After posting I left work to go to the dentist. I did my last two fillings and I can now proudly present a clean and healthy mouth!!! (If you knew how scared I am of dentists you would clap your hands for me). Then I walked for about an hour, window shopping all that time. Well, some actual shopping too...I got a red polo shirt. The woman in this shop was horrible. You know the kind. In her middle 50's, dressed like in her early 20's, skinny with lotsa make up, and well defined triceps under her loose aged skin. I asked her if they had the shirt in Large. She said "No but we have it in XL". I said XL is big for me. She said "You're sure?" I said "I'm positive". I asked if there was possibility of calling and asking in their other shop if they had it in L, cos I wanted this particular shirt in red. She said it's left only in XL and M. I said...oh...then perhaps I should try the medium on. She looked at me as if I was from Mars, gave me the M and pointed her finger to the dressing room. I came out wearing the M shirt which fitted perfectly, and is slightly tight in the arms. She apologised. I paid. I was smiling when I got out. Not because I bought the shirt. Because her attitude didn't intimidate me at all!

So I came back home and felt like cooking something new and nice. I had taken minced beef out of the freezer in the morning, thinking of making burgers with grilled zucchinis and peppers for dinner. I came up with a new recipe and it was D E V I N E!!! it is, so I won't forget it! (Thank you darling blog for being my cook book as well :o)

Take 5 (or how many you want, but I got a man to feed and he is eating A LOT) big zucchinis. Cut them in half. Remove all the white flesh with a spoon and just the outside green part as thin as you can.

Take a non sticking pan. Put the mince till it gets a bit brown. No oil. Take the flesh from the zucchinis, a couple of bell peppers, a couple of onions, and a little garlic. Shred it to thin pieces and add them to the mince. Let it cook till it absorbed all liquids. Then take some tomatoes, put them in the blender, and add the tomato sauce in the pan. Salt, pepper, curry, cumin to your taste.

When the sauce is thick, remove pan from stove. Fill the zucchinis with the mince. Put in your pan some tomato juice and a little water. Still no oil or other fat! Put them in the oven for 30 mins, or till the outside of the zucchinis is tender. Sprinkle half of them with Parmesan cheese so your husband won't feel he is on diet as well. Eat the rest and moan from pleasure. Oh...Don't forget to leave a couple so you can take them to work as lunch!

The entire thing was made out of 400 gr minced beef, 5 big zucchinis, 2 bell peppers, 2 onions, half a garlic, and tomatoes.

And both my husband and I kept two halves each for lunch today.

I just love eating tasty,hearty and lean too!

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