Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Please forgive me...and allow me to thank you!
Please forgive me.

Forgive me for calling you impatient. Forgive me for hating parts of you. Forgive me for putting the blame on you. Forgive me for putting the blame ever. Forgive me for being ungrateful and judging you from your appearance and that only.

I would never do that to a good friend. I would never do that to any person. I don't know what happened to me that day and did it to you!

Instead of looking at your inner self, instead of appreciating all the things you do for me, I judged you from your appearance. I did to you what I hate others doing to me. Can you please forgive me?

Can you please allow me to thank you?

Each and every part of you?

Thank you skin. Thank you for covering my precious organs. Thank you for protecting them. Thank you for being the reason for all these wonderful sensations I feel when I am being touched. Thank you for the beautiful colour you get when you spend sometime in the sun. Thank you for the flush in my cheeks.

Thank you arms. Thank you for moving. Thank you for enabling me to hug my lover, my family, my friends. Thank you for enabling me to type and work, or else I would be in dept, cook or else I would not be able to express this part of my creativity, let alone feed my husband and myself, bathe or else I would smell, scratch my face, or else I would have to sustain itching, comb my hair or else I'd go like a mad woman, wash my teeth so that they don't rot and fall. I could go on for ever, but I am sure you understand.

Thank you thighs. Thank you for the sensations felt in your inner part. Thank you for carrying my upper body with precision. Thank you for protecting my womanhood. And thank you calves too! For working so perfectly harmoniously with the thighs and the feet and making me walk. Dance. Move. Run. Swim. Lay down. Climbing. Jumping. Making love. Knee to pray.

Thank you belly. Thank you for being elastic and able to expand so you can host my future child till it gets ready to come to this world. Thank you for the warm fuzzy feelings you give me when you are tickled.

And thank you my butt. Without you I wouldn't be able to sit, not to mention other things. I would be doomed to forever standing up.

And thank you kidneys and heart and lungs and liver and blood and veins and hair and nails and bones and ovalries and tubes and arteries and stomach and tenonds and muscles and I wish I knew all the words in english to thank each and every one separately. Thank you stretch marks because you showed me the limits of this huge wonderful organ called skin. And thank you fat, because at the bottomline, you are my fuel and you can be my energy.

Thank you body! Truly, really, deeply, and honestly THANK YOU!!!

Posted by Argy at 3:46 pm

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