Friday, June 04, 2004
Dreams do come true...while you least expect them!
It just stroke me this morning. A moment of enlightenment at 7.30 a.m. And yes...I love my sleep. And since I am working till at least 8 in the evening, I do wake up late according to many people. I don't go to my office earlier than 11 am, unless I have an early morning meeting. It's the industry I'm in that's working odd hours as someone would say.

But I woke up at 6.45 today. I'm going to the hair dresser's at 9.45 to refresh the colour in my hair. And I woke up that early because I wanted to walk my 30 mins in my treadmill. So I got up, put on my trainers, and on I was.

Usually, I would get up, drink my coffee, wake up, then do any kind of exercise. But today I don't have all the time in the world, so I went on without coffee. While I was puffing after 30 mins I decided to go for 5 mins more. And then it stroke me!

Last year, around June, I had discovered the merits of treadmill by going to the gym. Till then, I had numerous arguments with my husband who loves running in the treadmill. I thought the machine was totally stupid, worse than an exercise bicycle. I used to say ...right...if you want to run why not going to a park? He always tried to explain that the steady pace in the treadmill is what makes the difference, but I can be such a pain in the arse and pretend I don't understand sometimes! lol

Anyway, after a few weeks on the treadmill, I was secretly dreaming of having one at home, so I would wake up, get my shoes on, and use it.

Last year around June, I discovered my first weightloss journals. It was the wonderful Jo from N.Z., known as Kiwi Jo, and another incredible woman, Heather. I was so stunned by both of them. Their honesty, their struggles, their successes were there for the world to see, they were there for the world to get motivated!
And I secretly dreamed to have a blog too.

Well...guess what!

Today, June 4 2004, I woke up, put on my shoes, walked on my treadmill for 35 minutes, made my coffee, turned on my computer, and sipped it slowly while I was posting on my blog!

Dreams come true. It is only a matter of timing! And really really wanting them!

Have a great day, I am having a long one, last appointment is at 8 pm. But my husband has discovered a new grill place and he is taking me there tonight for dinner at 11 pm. Yes yes I know...way too Greeks eat late ... lunch is around 2 to 3 in the afternoon, and dinner never before 10, especially when its dinner out!

Posted by Argy at 8:22 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad I found your blog!! Thanks for the post on my tagboard. Added you to my fav list and will check in regularly :) Got me thinking bout the treadmill thing especially with us going into winter. Love your writing!! Keep up the great work! Lyn aka

11:42 pm


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