Monday, May 24, 2004
Houses, gardens, bodies, and the likes...
are all subjects to a good decorator. They all depend on the decorative art.

Think. No matter if you live in a huge mansion on a small flat, no matter if you have a huge garden with all kinds of flowers or just a pot with one plant in your tiny room, you very well know that taking care of how it looks makes all the difference. The colours, the arrangement, the candles, an old wine bottle with a single rose, a painting, a nice throw over a boring sofa, the little ceramic cat you brought from a trip, they all make the difference.

Think. You wake up in a tidy and beautiful home and your spirit rises. You come back to your little room and the sight of your plant highlights your entrance. You buy a pair of extremely cheap but oh so funky candle holders and you go back to your flat all excited to light them up and enjoy your evening.

And think again. Why would “decorating” ourselves be any different?

Tall, short, skinny, overweight, blonde, brunette, redhead or bold, we, like houses and gardens, need our "decoration". We all know how differently we feel when we take some time and care for our appearance. Our self esteem rises. Our smile shines. Our mood suits our appearance.

Lately, I have the effort to seriously take care of my appearance. I am trying different combinations with my clothes. I used to wear my red shirt with my black and grey pants or skirts. Yesterday I tried it with a brown skirt. Don't roll your eyes and rush to call me colour blind! They were so warm together!

I still wear my hair in a pony tail. But instead of my usual elastic bands, now I am using old, worn - out scarfs that were in a drawer for ages and were never worn till now. The silkish feel of the scarf on my neck gives me a good sensation all day. And the bright colours of the scarfs make my face look brighter. I put on my make up every day. I carry my Mac clear lip-glass with me and re-fresh it on my lips every now and then. I paint my toenails and nails. I wear earings!

What I mean is that I am feeling better when I carry my 90.3 kilos in colour than when I carry them in a dull face with no make up and these little things that make the difference: accessories! Cos then, if I get a compliment about my appearance, I get more focused on improving it.

Yesterday I treated myself to an icecream. Yup, the ones I was talking about the other day. We went to our friends' house, and they asked us to get them icecreams. So we did. On the shop, while I was looking into yogurts, I decided to treat myself to an icecream cone. It has been about 6 weeks since I had something sweet. I decided that deprivation is a sneaky evil that leads to binges. And one icecream a month won't harm me.

I hopped on the scales as soon as I woke up. And yes, it didn't harm me at all. And I felt so good about it, so relieved and content, I walked an extra 15 minutes this morning. And decided on buying an elliptical machine.

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