Saturday, May 22, 2004
Ignorance is bliss!
I promise you, it is!

On my way back home from work yesterday, I decided to not take a taxi, but walk for half an hour, and then take the bus. I finished at 10 p.m after a 4 hr meeting about a congress I am organizing for October '04. So walking was necessary for me to vent a little, or else my husband would be on for a very tensed Friday evening!

Now, summer is close and besides all other stuff, summer is icecream! One of the major icecream makers in Greece is one of the Great Sponsors for the Olympics. That means that there are huge icecreams everywhere. You see them on billboards, you see them on buses, you see them on TV, you hear lusty voices describe them in the radio. I had an apple for breakfast, 2 barley crisps with a tomato and some feta cheese and a growling stomach when I was surrounded by all those humungous icecreams. I was thinking I wanted one so badly.

Then my mind went through various dieting methods. I read about the quickness of SBD in so many blogs. Atkins is still resting in a piece of my mind. Weight Watchers are always an option. Fasting worked well for me once. Eating the same thing for 3 days in a raw - three days only protein, three days only carbs, three days only fruits, three days only veggies - had also very fast results. A friend is doing some weird diet a dietician gave her but she can have 3 icecreams a day, well, the 0% sugar 0% fat ones, but still...3!!!! Another friend is eating whatever she wants till 6 p.m. and then only drinks some weird enhanced green tea and she has lost lots of weight. Her lunch is always huge and fattening, fast foods, mexican, pasta, you name it. And she has lost something around 6 kilos in less than a month. I was thinking what would be the best fat burning exercise. Elliptical or treadmill. Early in the morning or whenever. I then saw a billboard with a slimming cream advertisement. I went mentally over all the brands I have heard of and I was wondering, if I was to use one, what should I choose: the anti-cellulite ones, the slimming ones, the firming ones? Then I got upset there aren't any creams that do all 3. Kill cellulite while slimming you by 2,4 cm (it kills me when I see this on TV..2,4 cm in a month!)and resulting in a more firm skin. Oh, and then I remembered the one that is supposed to "erase" strechmarks! Now I had bloody four to decide on!!!!

Half hour of walking and I was more tensed than when I left my meeting!!!

When I was in the bus, there was a young woman sitting in front of me, with a little girl, about 4 years old. They were quite a pair. The little girl was as charming as her mom. And it was in a very funny mood and they were exchanging jokes and I was watching them and they took my mind of my previous thoughts. As the people got off the bus - I get off at the last stop - and the bus got all quiet, I was watching out of the window, the city getting ready for a Friday night out, billboards with ads everywhere, neon lights, and then it stroke me!

Where did the logic went? We are Greeks for crying out loud!!! We were taught our philosophers at school. The ones that said "A healthy mind exists in a healthy body". The ones that said "Moderation is excellence" (and they didn't mean in spirit).

My stress deflated instantly.

I do not need to know any information about new revolutionary diets. I do not need to decide between elliptical and treadmill. Between early morning work outs and late night ones. And -THANK GOD!- I don't need to decide on which cream to massage on my thighs!!!

Actually, I wish I didn't know about any of this!!!!

I will eat right, and move. And keep believing that Ignorance is Bliss!!! And S T R E S S - F R E E !!!!

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