Wednesday, May 19, 2004
So far, this fulfills its purpose!
I woke up this morning at 9am! I had set the alarm clock at 7.30. I don't know what happened! I got panicked the moment I realized the time. My plan was to wake up at 7.30, drink my coffee, go for a walk, get back and shower and get ready for work. Instead, I woke up the time I was supposed to be in the shower!

In a different day, I would skip walking, and go on with my morning routine. In a different day, I would have an honestly good excuse.

But not today! Because as the thought of making my coffee and sip it slowly in front of the PC, while checking mails and surfing a tad crossed my mind, I thought of this blog. And the promise I made to myself to eat right and move as much as I can. So, I put on my running shoes, and went for a brisk walk of 40 minutes.

I went home feeling so alive and content!

So I was late at work. I was at my desk at 11.30. Big deal! First, it's my company! (well...50% of it ;o)Second, I won't be leaving before 8 pm. And last, but not least, with the mood I have had all day due to this 40 mins of walking, I have done more work than I would have done if I was here at 10 and feeling I let myself down for skipping my exercise.

I have to tell you dear blog. On my second day with you, you already fulfill your purpose!!!!

Oh, and eating has been good too :o)

Cheers for now!

Posted by Argy at 5:00 pm

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