Wednesday, May 26, 2004
A mixture of feelings
My husband has one great friend left from his highschool years. I have known this guy for 16 years now and like him almost as much as my husband does. The last 5 years they kept their relationship between themselves. They would go to footy together, they would go for beers, they would work out together, etc. The last two years, they decided to involve the wives too. His wife is not my cup of tea, but I'm making the effort to go out with them a few times a month, cos my husband really likes the four of us going in places together.

Last night we were invited for dinner at their house. She called to ask me if I was still "watching my food intake". I told her that she shouldn't get into too much trouble, that I had already prepared food for the next couple of days, and I could bring something for me. "Don't be silly" she said. "A steak and salads are always handy in this household".

We arrived at their place at 9 p.m. At about 10 she started setting up the table. I moved to the kitchen and to help her and told me not to enter, that she'd do everything and I should just get myself comfy. So I did. The three of us sat on the table and waited for the gracious hostess to serve dinner.

First came three different kinds of salads. Green salad swimming in blue cheese dressing. Colourful peppers, cherry toms, avocado and pine nuts swimming in italian dressing. And a greek salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, capers, feta cheese and oreganon, flooded in olive oil. I exchanged glances with my husband. "It's o.k." I said to myself. "I'll pick some cucumbers and tomatoes, leave them on my plate for a while so the oil runs, and just eat my steak".

Then the main course arrived. A HUGE platter with 4 different kinds of pasta. Penne carbonara, penne al pesto, penne with red wine sauce and garlic, and spaghetti with cream and mushrooms. She presented with a smile and said: "I decided to feed you vegetarian tonight".

"Oh, then the bacon in the carbonara is fake I assume?" came my question. I saw the look of "Please, let her be" in my husband's eyes, and took a deep breath.

But I was so angry. Why on earth did she ever called me to ask me what I was eating?! Why she didn't let me bring my dinner?

I picked some al pesto pasta. It's just basil, garlic, olive oil and pine nuts smashed in a blender then mixed with the pasta. The less dangerous one. But dangerous still.

She was complaining I was not trying the rest to tell her how it tasted. I told her that the moans coming from the men's mouths were a good indicator. She said, "But you are the master cook, your opinion matters". I was ready to throw my iced water with ALL the ice cubes straight to her face. Then something clicked in me.

I took a single piece of penne in my fork. From the red wine sauce bunch. I brought it to my nose. I smelled it thoroughfully. I then said: "The wine is not dry enough. The garlic shouldn't be crushed cos it overcooked in the oil. Excellent choice of red pepper. Gives it this little something" and then smiled and said "Master cooks go by smells".

The guys laughed, she faked a laugh too.

This woman is slightly overweight. Has something like 10 kilos to loose. Every time we meet since I started loosing weight has always something nice to say. But with a smile that never reaches her eyes. And then complains about her not being able to follow a diet for longer than two days. Blah blah blah.

On our way back home, while we we're walking in silence, my husband suddenly burst into a loud laugh. "What's up?" I said. "Brilliant...BRILLIANT!!!" He exclaimed. "What is so brilliant???" I asked puzzled. "Master cooks go by smell!" He said. And then he hugged me and told me that it was so unkind of her to do this. He promised that next time we meet for food with them, it will either be a restaurant of my choice, or our home so I can cook. I tell you. It will be our home. And I'm cooking fish. And leaving all the skin and bones in it!!!!

This morning I am back at 90.3. T'aint a big deal, besides the fact that I didn't enjoy it. But I still can't understand why...

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