Tuesday, May 18, 2004
How much excess weight weighs?
Measured in lbs, pounds, kilos, grams, stones, or whatever, how much excess weight weighs is absolutely subjective. My friend needs to loose three kilos and she feels as miserable as I was feeling when I had 61 kilos to loose. She would complain and whine and nag all the time bout the size of her ass...a size 10 mind you. But her anxiety and difficulty in committing to loosing them was the exact same with mine. Honestly.

I have been struggling with weight for many years. Now that I am almost clean of all other issues and weight is just weight to be lost for me I can say with sincerity that I have felt the same disgust with my body when I had just 5 kilos more and the same disgust when I had 61 kilos to loose.

For me, the important thing was first to lift the weight of my shoulders. By doing so I waved goodbye and farewell to 36 kilos of fat.

Tricky thing that was. The taste of accomplishment resembles that of tequila you know. And it is equally intoxicating. It drives you to cloud nine, and makes you feel on top of the world. And then you slip... And then I slipped. Fitting comfortably to a size 18, sometimes a 16, enabled me to go shopping and have a blast, feel beautiful inside my clothes, and good about myself. But it did disoriented me from my initial purpose. To reach a healthy weight range.

I got 25 more kilos to loose.

And I am going to loose them.

By eating right and moving as much as I can.

These last 25 kilos will not be a diet for me. It will be a life-style change. And I will share it with you, if you want :o)

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