Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Like a little girl...
...eager to go home and play with her new doll, the one she had dreamed of so long and finally acquired! This is exactly how I felt on my way home from work. I understood that when I realized how fast I was walking. And then I realized I was in a hurry to get home, turn on the PC and post!

I am puter illiterate I'm afraid. There are so many things I would love to add here and make it more like myself, but I dunno how.

Then it's the language. I know I speak English well enough, but being a foreigner I'm making mistakes all of the time.

It is also the vague fear of someone of my friends and family will find this blog and then?!?!?!

Additionally, it is the thought of not making it happen now and have my failure here in full quote for the world to see.

And still...I can't wait to get home and "post"!!! I must have been 7 years old when I got my first journal. All pink with dried roses and girlie frilly stuff. I am equally excited!

My eating has been great today. I had an apple for breakfast, and a black iced espresso, I had a 100gr piece of beef fillet with grilled zuchinnis, yellow peppers, and portobello mushrooms, with a little bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I had an apple for my afternoon snack, and dinner is getting ready: I'm making burgers with a big salad. Oh I am so obsessed with burgers lately. I have found a way of making 3 burgers with the mince you'd need for 1! I put zucchinis, onions, peppers, and fresh herbs in the blender, mash them, and make a veggie "mince" which I add to the beef mince. The burgers are so juicy and tasty with all those veggies! Mmmmmm.... And I bought a bunch of strawberries from the organic shop, so there is also dessert tonight!

I walked 3 km. Not much, I know, but work has been insane today.

Overall I am pleased. I feel this blog will keep me motivated. If I can journal my day here, I can review things and see what habits are to be formed and what habits are to be broken.

I will soon take my measurements and post them here. And there is also the new scales.AAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Panic panic!!! I got this new scales that measure fat and muscles and water and stuff. And I still haven't got the batteries in, out of fear they will show me something different than my current scales.

Ah its almost 8.30. My husband should be home in an hour or so. I feel like setting up the table with candles. And opening a bottle of wine for him. Yup, I am pleased today. I better go chill this wine for now...

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