Friday, September 23, 2005
Life without the scales
I think that the rest of the inbetweens are totally unrelated to the basic theme of this place, so breathe, I will spare you ;)

What is really very relevant though is how my first week without the scales went.

I really missed them seriously yesterday. Yesterday was one of those days that you think you lost weight while sleeping. The same jeans you wore yesterday feel looser. The stomach is nowhere to be seen when you sit, its boobs, then crotch, then thighs. Your mom who has not seen you since Sunday exclaims...look at your thighs, they have shrunk in four days!!! (my thighs??!!! SHRUNK???!!!!!). And then you go home. And you desperately want verification for all these you have felt and heard all day. And the scales are hidden! In your mom's basement too!!!

But then, two days ago, you woke up pretty sure you will get your period a week early, in the next 6 minutes actually! There is no other reason to explain the stomach protruding beyond your boobs, even when you stand up. No salty dinner the night before, 6 lt of water consumed, good veggies, lotsa parsley, grilled salmon, beautiful apples. And when you go to the bathroom you are so happy to NOT have the scales around at that moment because you know you would see about 3 kilos more than yesterday without deserving them too!

And then there is the normality.

You wake up in the morning, make your coffee, make your breakfast, and eat it! You do not sit sipping your coffee staring at it but not touching it as if it has a sigh "DO NOT TOUCH" glued on it. You do not smoke ciggie after ciggie in an attempt to accelarate the natural function of your bowels in order to finally weigh in. I am making scrumptious breakfasts every morning and love them, enjoy them, and eat them right away too!!!


I am a bit nervous about tomorrow. Sofia and Vangelis have their housewarming / 10 year anniversary party. I asked them if they have seen something they want for the house so I could get it as a present to them. They replied they really have thought about that and have a present they want me to get them. They said this evening has to be special therefore they want me to cook for the party. I asked what kind of food they have in mind. They said fingerfood mainly. I asked how many people will be there. About a hundred, they replied. I laughed saying that this was quite a joke. They said it was not. They are getting most of the stuff from a caterer, but want me to make a few extra special things for them. 100 people. I am not a bit nervous actually. I am utterly panicking right now!

Oh...and I owe you the beetroot salad from yesterday too!

You will need beetroots cut in medium pieces, a little olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic, thick plain ff yoghurt, and walnuts. The quantities really depend on the amount of beetroots, and to give you an idea, the beetroots should be well "hidden" in the yoghurt, so its more yoghurt than beets.

You put the beetroots and the walnuts in a bowl with olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and the garlic crashed, let them stay for at least 2 hrs so they absorb the flavours, and then just mix them with the yoghurt. It is very healthy, very scrumptious, and has an amazing colour too! Be generous with the vinegar and use normal one, not balsamic. The beetroots are sweet already.

100 people!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Argy at 12:58 pm
Blogger Catesa said...

the beetroot salad sounds nice, i only like pickled beets, do you think they would be just as nice? only one way to find out ;)
you can do it Argy, cooking for 100 people will be an interesting experience and perhaps a peek into the future, good practice.

6:35 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

I am commenting for today's entry and yesterday's. This morning I weighed myself and discovered that somehow I gained 1.8 kilos in two days. I know that is impossible and was probably water weight or something crazy, but this is why I should be like you and ditch the scale. I also know exactly what you mean by inbetween. Inbetween is the word that should describe my life lately. I said I wanted goal by Christmas, but I am doing nothing really to get there. I don't know how to find my desire to do this and see it through. I loved yesterday's post.

4:03 am


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