Monday, September 26, 2005
Happy Monday
The food I made was indeed much appreciated. The compliments were really flowing. I did not tell anyone that I am planning to try this in a more professional way though. I do not know what stopped me.

It was a gorgeous party and we went to bed at 6am!

The good thing about cooking so much food is that I had absolutely no appettite for eating it. Besides a few pieces of veggies dipped I had nothing else but tons of iced water. I woke up on Sunday ravenous for breakfast and this is not like me.

Work is going to be crazy the next few days, so unless I have some revellation or epiphany, I will not be back before Wednesday or so.

Have a great week!

Posted by Argy at 4:19 pm
Blogger M said...

Congratulations on the success of the party. Have fun with work and take it easy on yourself. Have a wonderful week :)

5:35 pm

Blogger ms ralph said...

I'm so happy that it was such a success. I never doubted it would be anything else. Thanks for the advice on my blog. I feel like I am in a time-warp except this time the scale is stuck at 67 instead of being stuck at 87. I know that the reasons are psychological, but learning how to get past them is going to be the biggest challange.

11:53 pm

Blogger Dee said...

Awesome that your food was appreciated and a wonderful success. I hope work doesn't run you too ragged!

I am totally the same way when I cook a big lot of food it just loses it's temptation to me and I only eat enough to be full. Hmm something I'll have to think about more.

Can't wait to see you on Wednesday!!

7:25 am

Blogger Catesa said...

of course you were a success, a long tiring night but it also must have been very satisfying :)
hope you have a good week too busy lady

12:38 pm

Blogger Dazed said...

I hope you took some pictures of all of that delicious and beautiful food!!!

5:33 pm


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