Tuesday, October 04, 2005
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This is one post that is written for my own peace of mind. Or lack of actually. I know you will all be sweet and leave me words of care and support, but the truth is that I feel so bad right now, that I have no idea what could lift me up emotionally.

I took the decision to discuss the job offer with my partner and be honest with her. Tell her that this job is so attractive to me because of its nature, having to do with production, and not because of the whole package, which is not something trivial either. I wanted to tell her that I made arrangements with the other woman in case I accept her offer to be able and do some work for our company although in the other office. Till she finds a solution, assistant or new partner. Without any money of course.

I had no chance to say this. Because as soon as I told her that I had an offer from this particular person, her face changed, her voice changed, and what she said was "If you decide to go and work for her, our personal relationship will never be the same".

I am really very hurt, hurt beyond words actually.

Anyway, I have been staring at the screen for 30 minutes now and still I cant word my feelings.

I got lots of spam comments, and I turned on the word verification thingy. Excuse me for any inconvenience this might cause you.


Posted by Argy at 4:23 pm
Blogger jaime said...

Hopefully she just said something like that out of shock, not really meaning it. If she means it, then she is not the friend you think she is.

You have to do what you and your husband feel is right, not what she feels is right. After all, it's your life, not hers...

6:27 pm

Anonymous marta said...

I'm so sorry that anything would take the joy out of the job offer. I'm sure she didn't mean it! How could you throw away a friendship for that? No, she will change her mind. And you Argy, you will succeed in whatever you choose, but choose for you and Angelo. Good luck, and (((hugs))) from me.

9:34 pm

Anonymous Trish said...

I don't understand...maybe you just shocked her and she too is at home wondering what the hell she just said because that comment does NOT come from a friend.

I mean, she is a friend and a business partner. You have both talked about trying to keep the busines open for another year but in the end when that year comes and you two are in the same position as you are in now, YOU are the one with nothing and she, she can try to continue on.

I don't know what to say Argy to make you feel better, but I can send a virtual hug your way ((HUG))

1:00 am

Blogger Shannin said...

Oh, Argy...what a difficult position. You tried to do the right thing...

I would give her a day or two and reapproach it with her and see if she isn't a little more adult about it.

4:36 am

Blogger ms ralph said...

Oh sweetheart I'm so sorry to hear this. What a horrible thing to say. HUGS. I also had heaps of spam comments a few days ago and had to turn it on. They try to be clever and make it look like a real comment. It gets under my skin. Anyway I really hope you can work this out with your partner soon.

8:39 am

Anonymous Lynda said...

You knew that this was a dilema.. and it is. Noone can tell you what to do - the fact that you agonize over means you want this but don't want to hurt anyone. Do you have loyalties to your current parner? Its a hard one Argy...

11:16 am

Blogger kathrynoh said...

That is tough but I'm sure things will come out right for you in the end. You just have to get through this period - make sure you take time to nurture and pamper yourself to keep yourself functioning.

1:42 pm

Blogger Mary said...

Oooh, the new job does sound exciting and I am so sorry to hear that things did not go smoothly with your partner. Nothing in life stays the same though and with whatever you decide, you can only move forward. In saying that, relationships themselves evolve too and sometimes things do sour but life goes on and you meet more wonderful people. Hopefully your friend/partner can get past the initial hurt and realise it's not about her. Now I should read on to your next post to find out what has happenned since! :-)

12:20 pm


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