Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Fish and The Approach.
You may recall that I am the "disgrace" of my family. This is how my brother and father call me affectionately because I come from a family of fishermen and really deslike fish. My great grandfather and my grand father from my paternal side had a big armada of fish boats in Vosporus in Asia Minor. Then my grandfather was forced (along with all the Greeks) to leave Smyrna, and he took my grandma and moved to Athens. He had no fortune, since they had to leave everything back, and started working in the port of Pireus cleaning fishing boats for a while. Then he opened his first fish shop. The fish shops passed to my father and then to my brother. All my family adores fish. My husband included. I am weird. I love eating fish grilled in real charcoal when I go on summer holidays in the islands. There is something really appealing to me sitting in a small tavern by the sea eating extremely fresh fish. But at home....tis super yuck!

I made an agreement with Angelos that we will eat fish at home at least twice a week. For various reasons really. First, because it is healthy food. Second because it is free food. We decided to start saving some money and buy a small piece of land in the island we went to. Really small piece, no more than 200 square meters. Enough to built two rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen and have a garden and a patio overlooking the sea. Though for at least 5 years I can see us living in our tent

Anyway, back to the fish. Now that we have our fancy BBQ, I thought that eating fish at home would be somehow bearable, since it would be similar to charcoal grilled one. Well, it is actually. But do you have any idea how fish smells while grilling? Y.U.C.K.!!! Omega 3 fatty acids be damned, this is thing smells BAD!!! But I have been particularly good, and have taken my two times a week done already. Fish was eaten yesterday and on Monday, with the promise of a big ball of frozen grapes and a few figs for dessert. And with some olive oil and lotsa lemon to disguise it a tad. It was funny really, because Angelos was moaning from pleasure and I was moaning from torment!

You know I thought getting back on diet would not be really tough. After all, I had no real craves, I considered myself satisfied and happy and lucky for having maintained all this time. But alas, Monday I was starving all day. I was tempted more than 10 times. But I stood strong. And I realised that I need a trick. And small steps too.

So the approach for this week is pretty simple really. I am not much of a breakfast person. I like having my coffee and that's it. Even croissants and bacon rolls cannot really tempt me enough to eat them in the morning. Imagine cereal or fruit. Also, for the entire summer I have been eating nothing all day, besides a piece of fruit for lunch or an occasional salad, and then had a big dinner. So for this first week I am doing the following things to get myself into the loosing weight battlefield again:

Get used to eating three meals a day. I eat breakfast. Two pieces of fruit. Period! Then lunch is a salad with either tuna or feta or grilled chicken or legumes tossed in. Olive oil and lemon or vinegar, depending on the kind of protein I put in. And dinner is some kind of protein with some veggies. Twice a week I will have some carbs for dinner too, pitta bread or bulgur or basmati.

I will not stress about portions this first week. I first need to get back in love with simple food. I will first get rid of my ice cream addiction and replace it with a fruit addiction. So much fruit to indulge to in the farmer's markets nowadays. Grapes, figs, melons, fresh apples, cantaloupes, water melons, fresh prunes, dumsons, bullaces, you name it!

After weigh in on Monday morning, I will reasses the plan and see what will be the thing I will change for my second week.

I am not doing any exercise right now, besides the occasional unplanned walking . But I want to let you know that the sea is the best gym ever. I will tell you all the things I did in the sea this summer that stunned my husband and resulted in me having looser jeans and firmer thighs although gaining a few kilos! However, there there are a few things I am contemplating right now concerning exercise and as soon I have all my options worked out, I will let you know.

Sofia had her birthday last night. I came home from work, ate the afforementioned fish, got dressed, waited for Angelos to pick me up, and we went to the party. I drunk water and club soda, I did not touch the snacks, and I only ate two bluberries that decorated her birthday cake. I felt good!

I did not like the first day back to work yesterday. But before leaving for my last appointment I left the pics of the holidays to my assistant so that she would scan them. I hope I have time later today to post them! But right now it is time for shower and getting ready for work!

Have a beatiful day!

Posted by Argy at 8:55 am
Blogger Catesa said...

your plan looks very good, back to basics :) mmm fish i also love fish, not fresh water just seafood. in fact reading your post i just got a mad craving for grilled mackrel with feta & tomato salad mmm
*kisses* have a good day luverly

10:39 am

Blogger airlie said...

i absolutely LOVE fish - tell angelos that I will gladly eat fish with him when i visit : )
I grew up 500kms away from the ocean and so the fish was anything but fresh and we used to hide it in heaps of batter. Now I am right near the sea I just cannot get enough of it. I don't know how much i would eat if it were free as well!!!!!

12:06 pm

Blogger chubba said...

I have the same issues with fish! But its more the thought of fish that I dont like, because once I start eating it, I love it. I just never go out of my way to eat it.

My Turkish boyfriend has introduced me to cooking fish over charcoal, it truly is the best way to eat it. Actually, anything cooked over charcoal is the best way to eat it : )

4:08 pm

Blogger M said...

There is a fish I buy fresh from the fishmongers called 'Ling'. It is a solid white flesh fish. I usually grill it with some spices, or we have done it on the BBQ, or cut it up in a curry. The thing I like about it - it does not smell!!

It is also delicious which helps :)

10:28 am

Blogger Shannin said...

I don't know if you have it over there, but one fish I really enjoy is tilapia - it's a mild, white fleshed fish. Besides that, the only fish I really enjoy is salmon and tuna. Occassionally I will order a sea bass in a restaurant but I've never cooked it before.
The meal plans sounds like a good one, and I'm sure it will be successful for you!

3:14 pm

Blogger Kate said...

I can't say I'm a fan of fish, unless it is fresh and smoked. Good on you though for making all those plans. I love love love reading your posts, the lyrical way you write, your descriptive language. Sometimes I just read and read, and don't comment. Just want to keep reading.

11:59 am


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