Monday, August 29, 2005
Don't most diets (re)start on a Monday?
And you know what it means. Re-starting your diet after a longish period of time that is. Three things, to me at least:

1. Re-evaluate your eating plan and see what approach you will have this time. Think about exercise and form a feasible plan.

2. Get a bit nervous about both, and start making negative thoughts, resulting in re-evaluting the re-evaluated while eating valhrona sorbet by the gallons.

3. Record a start weight after you been two "unsuccesful-in-getting-rid-of-all-the-ice-cream-and-pitta-gyros-you-ate-during-the-weekend" times in the toilette on this particular Monday morning.

Yep, this is exactly me right now.

After the grocerry shopping on Saturday morning I was hit by a severe case of post holidays blues. Grocerry shopping was indeed fun. We went to the farmer's market and bought plenty of fruit (water melon, cantaloupe, fresh new apples, grapes, the last peaches, figs, and melon) and tons of veggies (zucchinis, red, green and yellow peppers, lettuce, rocket, dill, shallots, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, eggplants) and then we went to my brother's fish shop, where I got a few compliments on my tan and lotsa fresh fish and shrimps and a few lobsters too (it's good to have my brother miss me, he gives me tons of free food...hehehe), and then we went to the butcher and got meat (chicken, pork chops I had him trim the fat off, lean beef mince). Then we returned home and filled our empty fridge and freezer. And when I was done and saw the fridge full of colourful fruits and veggies and the freezer stocked with food for at least 2 weeks, it hit me. This was our refrigerator on normal life. Not the pre-post holiday empty one. But the refrigerator I came back from work every day to cook dinner.

Which meant that soon, Angelos and I would not spend every single moment of the day together. Instead we would spent a couple of hours at night together and then sleep. And we would wait for the weekend to actually see each other. Instead of receiving phonecalls from friends to see when we would finally return from holidays, I would soon recieve phonecalls from upset photographers, neurotic journos, pissed off actresses.

To say I collapsed is an understatement. Top this up with waiting for my period by this coming thursday the latest, you can imagine how easily I called Fresh and ordered 2 pints of Valhrona Sorbet, a pint of Mantarine Sorbet, a pint of bourbon vanilla ice cream, and a pint of pistachio ice cream. I kept one pint of Valhrona at home and the rest I took with us for dessert to our friends (the ones whom we spent one week with in the island) where we were invited for dinner.

We all ate enormously in dinner. Giannis, our friend, is from Sifnos island and had promised us a typical Sifnos dinner. First, they cook in a ceramic pot, which they cover with dough, so that no air gets either in or out. And this ceramic pot with whatever is in there is baking in the oven for at least 8 hours. In Sifnos they are famous for their chick peas. So the first course was chickpeas with lots of onions and lemon juice in a very thick sauce. Second course was Sifnos lamb with potatoes. Now picture this: On the bottom of this ceramic pot, they place thin branches of vine. On top of them the potatoes cut in big pieces. And on top of the potatoes the pieces of the lamb. No oil or other juices besides 2 glasses of white wine. Then a secret mix of herbs (bastard did not share...hehe) and then the dough to cover the pot, then in the oven for eight hours. Can you imagine how the lamb and the potaotes melted in the mouth? We also had fresh Sifnos cheese and a huge tomato salad. And then all 4 pints of icecream!!!

All depressed for being back, we thought binging would soothe the sadness. And it did, temporarily as always.

And yesterday I was really very depressed too. I did some housework, and then Angelos persuaded me to go to the beach, where I got more depressed, because there was no comparison between the waters we swam in the island and the water we swam in yesterday. And then we were back home and since we had not eaten nothing but fruits on the beach all day, we ordered 3 pitta gyros each, 2 beers each and finished the meal by sharing the remaining Valhrona pint.

And all this introduction was to just tell you that this morning I weighed on 90.5 kg!!!!

I left for holidays at 87. 5 and I was back from the island at 89.2. I gained a bit more than a kilo over the weekend *sigh*.

But I already have eaten my breakfast and I am defrosting fish for dinner and I will have my salad for lunch too. It is about time to get serious and drop the rest of the weight, don't you think?

I have my plans ready, but this is too long a post already!

Posted by Argy at 10:14 am
Blogger Catesa said...

back to the daily grind blues, just think about how nice it will be next summer on holiday at your goal weight. it will be wonderful *hugs* hope you have a happy day today pretty

11:23 am

Blogger yvonne said...

It's great to have YOU back, darling. I've been checking in, thinking how wonderful your holiday must be -- and it sounds like it was!!!

2:17 pm

Blogger M said...

It is always hard to come back to 'normal' life after a holiday. Your fridge sounds divine. It will not take many days before you devise food that reminds you of your holidays and makes you feel like each day at home is a holiday.

Hope you get over the blues quickly :)

1:57 am

Blogger airlie said...

hey sweety! i love how you just focus in. You have looked honestly at things you have done over the past few weeks and have filled your fridge to correct it. You will lose that weight in no time at all! Congrats babe! And wow! am i ever happy that we don't have a "fresh" where you can dial for ice cream - i would be in serious trouble!

1:02 pm

Blogger Shannin said...

So glad you are back. I empathize with the return to the real world blues, especially when vacation world was Santa Barbara, CA and the real world is Minneapolis, MN.

Sounds like you're beginning to feel inspired about losing again, so that's a good sign.

7:30 pm

Anonymous Lynda said...

Welcome back Argy. Oh how I understand how you are feeling after a holiday... the best thing here is that Spring is in the air already and I love Spring with its promise of summer - might just be the tonic I need. Thanks for your lovely comments too (on my tagboard).

11:20 pm


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